Thursday, November 18, 2010

UCLA takes double OT victory over Notre Dame, 86-83

Finally! A team I like pulls off the upset. And oh what an upset it was:

SOUTH BEND — No. 15 UCLA fought back at the end of regulation and the first overtime, and then survived a last-second Irish shot to score an 86-83 double-overtime victory against No. 12 Notre Dame Thursday night in college women's basketball action.

Notre Dame trailed, 84-83, when Natalie Novosel was fouled in a battle for a loose ball. Novosel missed both, and UCLA's Markel Walker rebounded and was fouled. Walker went to the free-throw line with 5.8 seconds left. Walker missed both. Natalie Achonwa rebounded, and the Irish called a timeout with 4.2 seconds left.

Darxia Morris stole the inbounds pass intended for Skylar Diggins, who immediately fouled Morris. Morris hit two free throws for an 86-83 lead with 3.6 left. Diggins' desperation 3 bounced off the rim as the buzzer sounded.

Jasmine Dixon and Darxia Morris went big for the Bruins tonight.

Skylar Diggins continues to be a monster; I really appreciate her game.

I adore one-, two-, or three-overtime games, even if they're hard on the system.

The only other major news tonight is Angie Bjorklund's six treys in leading Tennessee's win over Virginia 85-73.


Anonymous said...

Let me start by saying I love Skylar Diggins. She has a great game.

I am proud of the way the Bruins played tonight. Players that needed to step up did so and the had multiple weapons. The one stat that concerns me is 26 turnovers (seriously) though ND had 27.

UCLA proved that they are indeed a team that cannot be taken lightly and that they have some heart. However this win can't go their heads. They have to approach every game the same way they approached this one - a balanced team attack..

Sue Favor said...

I'm halfway between "they're not as good as everybody thinks they are" and "yes, they really are number 15." I guess it was because of all that sloppy play we saw in the two home games. I don't feel like I trust them quite yet.

I'll say it again: Nikki Caldwell has done an amazing job of working with players she didn't even recruit.

And I agree with you that they can't get too caught up in the win (Caldwell would never let them do tnat anyway). One game at at time, and keep believing.

Sue Favor said...

PS - I'm a Diggins fan. She really really balled tonight and gets mad love from me.

Patrick Meighan said...

I just could not be more excited about tonight's win!

I just wish ESPN had aired it so that I could've seen it. My daughter and I were huddled around the computer, listening to the audio stream. Lame, but totally worth it!

This is the signature road win that the Bruins lacked last season, come time, and it really hurt us with our seeding. If, this season, UCLA can manage to replicate last year's conference success (a big "if", to be sure, since what they did in conference was basically unprecedented for the Bruins), we should be looking at a much better tourney spot than last year's 8-seed travesty.

But talk about being way ahead of myself.

Let's just beat Davis.

Go Bruins!

Patrick Meighan
UCLA Class of '95