Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cal State Northridge falls to Chattanooga, but they're coming along

The Cal State Northridge Matadors aren't where they want to be yet, but they're getting there.

I stopped by last night to check in on them after last seeing the team on their first day of practice back in late August. What a difference. Though they lost to Chattanooga they fought hard, and I saw some brilliant performances out there.

Coach Jason Flowers and his all-star coaching staff of Christine Collins-Kiernan, Bryan Camacho and Lindsey Foster have a job akin to Obama's: cleaning up a mess that took years to make. The CSUN program has been in the basement of the Big West Conference for a long time, but I believe those days are numbered.

Check out my story and accompanying photo gallery.

CSUN faces off with LMU Tuesday night.

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Anonymous said...

I love CSUN and try to get out to some of their home games. I watched them the other night against Wichita State. I like what Flowers is doing there. I liked watching Haley White and Erving and one of kids from Hawaii, Alama I think. One if the issues I saw was they are a little too flat footed on offense and there was no movement. Because of that they were easily trapped and / or committed turnovers. Nomura tended to be a little out of control, at times, and went left A LOT!! Obvioulsy they are at a totally different level than what I normally watch @ UCLA, but I will keep watching them.