Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving morning

While we wait for today's games to either finish or begin, there are other things to contemplate on this holiday.

Freshman Jordan Hooper already means something to the Nebraska Huskers.

UConn point guard Caroline Doty may be out for the season with a torn ACL, but she's a team captain.

St. Louis beat Indiana last night, 69-58.


Anonymous said...

How did Pat Summitt miss out on Jordan Hooper? She sounds like a great find for Nebraska!

Sue Favor said...

Where did you hear Summitt was ever trying to recruit her? I've never heard anything like that.

Anonymous said...

So what! I think she would have recruited her if she heard of her. Hooper sounds like the same kind of farm kid that Summitt was.

Sue Favor said...

Summitt is extremely selective when recruiting players. If she never looked at Hooper, there was most definitely a reason for that. It doesn't mean Hooper is a bad player - just that Summitt didn't consider her a good fit for the program, for whatever reason. Hooper is in the best place for her, which is obvious from the story.