Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Two rallying wins and plenty of story lines

Today's results:

The Dream came back to beat the Stars, 77-70.

The Mystics rallied to nip the Sun, 78-76.

WNBA team news:

The Sparks are still a work in progress after a tough road trip.

The Liberty look to improve after dropping two straight games.

The Mercury are regaining their elite defensive form.

The Seattle City Council has approved a 10-year lease extension for the Storm at KeyArena.

WNBA player news:

Karima Christmas-Kelly is proving to be the gas that runs Dallas' car.

The Liberty have brought back Lindsey Allen.

The league's MVP list has Sylvia Fowles at the top and Tiffany Hayes jumping in at No. 6.

Despite the low pay, the WNBA is still attractive to international players.

Candace Parker hasn't thought about whether she'll try out for the 2020 Olympics.

Liz Cambage's visit felt like the Wings were hosting a five-star recruit.

College player news:

Texas A&M transfer Walnatia Wright has landed at Georgia State.

Ashley Kelsick and Gabby Gregory will transfer from Wisconsin.

College coach news:

Nikki McCray hopes to bring the glory days back to ODU. McCray video.

Kia Damon is Lafayette's new head coach.

Pauline Love is the final assistant coach to be hired at Arkansas.

Talia Caldwell and Eliza Pierre will be interim assistant coaches at Cal while head coach Lindsay Gottlieb is on maternity leave.

Jessica Jackson is a new assistant coach at Samford.

Ryan McAdams is a new assistant coach at New Mexico State.

USA Basketball:

The U16 team has been named.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day odds and ends

WNBA team news:

The Lynx made history by going undefeated this month.

WNBA player news:

Elizabeth Cambage is reportedly in Dallas to discuss returning to the WNBA.

Jonquel Jones is beginning to show unlimited potential. Video.

After several stints overseas the last seven years, Yvonne Turner is happy to make the Mercury's roster.

WNBA coach news:

New Lynx assistant coach James Wade admires player's attention to detail.

Tomorrow's game schedule:

The Sparks hope to avoid another road bump in New York.

The Fever and Wings are set to rebound from lopsided defeats.

College player news:

The Gamecocks have added Penn State transfer Lindsey Spann.

Aaliyah Wilson will transfer from Arkansas to Texas A&M.

USA Basketball news:

USA Basketball's U16 team is down to 18 finalists.

Women's basketball fans should stay strong to help build back up

Progress is not linear; it is made in starts and stops, with a few steps forward and a few steps backwards.

Such is the case with women in sports right now - heck, women in general. As we see reflected back from arts and culture, the acceptance of women in sport is in decline now, following a long surge upward after the passage of Title IX in 1972.

Though the WNBA has recently seen some of its highest viewership ratings ever, a general perception exists that there is less buzz around the league than there used to be. To be sure, much of that is simply due to the "settling" effect: when the WNBA came along in 1997, it was new, and it generated a lot of press because of that. Now it has been around for two decades, and fans are used to it.

But as art reflects life, it seems that women have faded into the background in TV, movies and music, too.

In the 1970's, there were 'independent woman'-themed shows like "Laverne and Shirley" and "The Mary Tyler Moore Show." All-female cast or female-lead shows of the 1980's included "The Golden Girls," "Cagney and Lacey," "Roseanne" and "Murder, she Wrote." In the 1990's, there was "Designing Women," "Murphy Brown," "Ally McBeal," "Xena," "Sex in the City" and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," to name a few.

Fast forward to the 2016-2017 TV season and four of the top 10-most watched shows were football, reflecting a relatively new American obsession with this war-like sport. The first woman-themed show is "American Housewife," at No. 31. "Mom" is at 44, "New Girl" is at No. 74 and "Real Housewives of Atlanta" is 75.

In film we saw a series of female hero star characters up until the turn of the century, including Princess Leia in "Star Wars," Linda Hamilton in "The Terminator," Sigourney Weaver in "Alien," and Susan Sarandon and Gina Davis in "Thelma and Louise." Arguably the biggest all-female cast movie was 1996's "Set it Off," which starred Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett, Vivica Fox and Kimberly Elise.

In contrast, last year the movie "Ghostbusters" was remade with an all-female cast, and it was widely panned before it was even released just because it featured women. This week "Wonder Woman" is to be released; we can only pray to be spared misogynistic comments.

Music is another arena that used to be flooded with strong women, including MC Lyte, TLC, Latifah, Madonna, Shania Twain, Alanis Morissette, Brandy, Jewel, Toni Braxton and Whitney Houston. Today the field is much smaller; only Beyonce and Adele are among those who could be considered stable, presenting strong images without spawning controversy or degrading women.

Thus, so goes sports. In 1998, Chamique Holdsclaw became the first woman to grace the cover of SLAM. Almost 19 years later, she's still the only female to be shown there. SLAM barely includes women between its covers anymore. Ditto with Sports Illustrated.

When Sheryl Swoopes got an Air Swoopes shoe 20 years ago, the news made headlines. When Maya Moore got a shoe in 2014, that news did not.

Why has the presence of women diminished recently? Who knows what combination of intangible factors combined to make this a reality. It is not possible to say for sure.

The important thing for fans of women's basketball is to continue to advocate for the sport, at all levels. To be a loud, unabashed fan of women's hoops, those who play it, and for strong women in general, is the most effective approach. Paying undue attention to the small minority of people who go out of their way to criticize the sport and its athletes is counterproductive; it's like throwing gas on a flame, when turning one's back on stuff-starters is so much more effective.

Things go in cycles. We've got to stay strong and push on.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Patterns being set

Today's results:

The Sun grabbed their first win by handing the Sky their third straight loss, 97-79.

Alysha Clark's hot hand led the Storm past the Fever, 94-70. Seattle has won four in a row.

Sylvia Fowles' double-double sent the Lynx past the Stars, 80-66.

Why some see today's young people as "soft"

There are generally two lines of thinking around the issue of increased college athlete transfers:

1. Coaches need to stop being so mean to players and develop relationships with them. Coaching is not a dictatorship, after all.

2. Today's athletes are soft and wimpy.

As usual, I can see both sides.

Coaches would indeed do well to foster good business relationships with their athletes, and personal relationships too, if possible (it is not necessary, however).

And after 15 years of working with young people, I fully understand the perception that they are not equipped for life. Many don't seem to be even close.

I am a Gen-Xer. I grew up in the era of latch key kids and playing outside all day long in the summer time, unattended. We were an independent bunch, and we couldn't wait to leave home at 18 for college or other pursuits. But inexplicably, many of my peers turned around and parented their children in a completely different way than they were raised.

Three years ago I had a student who fell apart if told "no." She would keep pressing and pressing a question, and got increasingly upset with each "no" that I gave, until tears came to her eyes. I told her, as I explain to every kid who uses this approach with me, "I can tell that by continuing on, you usually get your way eventually. That works at home for you, but it doesn't work here with me, in this school setting."

One day she asked to go to the library just as I began having students run laps. I told her no. She whipped out her phone and called her mother. I've had several students call their mothers when I get on them about things. I've never been abusive; just firm. But they can't seem to handle it. And for those like myself, who were yelled at plenty by parents and teachers alike, and had to follow the rules regardless, we don't understand why today's youngsters can't seem to take that.

Former Georgia coach Andy Landers told me that his parents cautioned him about calling home too much when they sent him to college. He marveled that today's youth often talk to parents one or more times per day. It is definitely a generation gap.

I didn't talk to my parents much while I was in college, either. I was too busy handling my life and my studies. Contrast that with former UCLA star Lonzo Ball, whose father LaVar is still so involved with his day-to-day existence that prospective NBA teams are weighing how they will deal with him. Personally, I find that situation surreal.

With every LaVar Ball story, I continue to wonder: how did my generation mess this one up so badly? Where did they get the idea that not allowing kids to be properly challenged in order to gain strength was a benefit? Why did co-dependent and/or vicarious living parenting become a good idea to them?

Landers made a good point that teaching young people that they can almost always get their way is unrealistic.

"You can't transfer out of a job," he said.

Indeed. It's not always possible to change jobs or careers. Even in pro sports, it's possible to be stuck on a team you hate in a city you can't stand. Stuff happens.

Many of my fellow Gen-Xers messed up in the parenting department. I wonder what the landscape will look like in a few more years, when their kids are in their 30's. Will they still be living at home with their parents?

We will see.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Debuts, returns and big performances

Today's game result:

The Wings used a big fourth quarter to rally past the Stars, 94-82.

It was Kelsey Plum's debut and Moriah Jefferson's return for San Antonio, and both Karima Christmas-Kelly and Skylar Diggins-Smith each notched 1,500 career points while Winging it.

Game photos.

Tomorrow's game schedule:

Lynx at Sun

Sky at Mystics

Liberty at Storm

WNBA team news:

The Sparks aim to build on their 2016 championship.

The Storm's community practice goes beyond basketball.

The Lynx have one obvious flaw: fatigue.

WNBA player news:

Crystal Langhorne is adjusting to a new supporting role, but leads the WNBA with a 75 percent shooting average.

Can Jonquel Jones lead the Sun in Chiney Ogwumike's absence?

Ogwumike is on the mend - and happy, of course, and she has found a creative solution to her restriction as a reserve.

Sylvia Fowles is taking her game to another level this season.

WNBA coach news:

Pokey Chatman and the Fever are finding their way in a new era for the franchise.

Former WNBA player news:

Alison Bales has earned her medical degree.

All-Star game:

Players and media will join fans in All-Star voting.

College team news:

St. Francis and LIU Brooklyn are loading up on new recruits.

College player news:

Miami guard Laura Cornelius will redshirt the upcoming season after tearing her ACL.

College coach news:

Lin Dunn has signed a contract extension as assistant coach at Kentucky.

Vivian Frieson is Northern Arizona's new assistant coach.

Ashley Garfield has been promoted to assistant coach at BYU.

The college transfer issue, in depth

My colleague Lyndsey D'Arcangelo and I decided to delve into the college transfer issue, and wow, did it get big.

There were so many issues that when I got done with all my interviews, I had to sit down and map out how the piece should be written. It was a huge undertaking and a lot of writing, but I didn't mind because it was so interesting, and I learned some things.

Reasons behind increased college basketball transfers numerous and complex.

No stone unturned.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Mystics, Fever prevail

Today's game results:

The Mystics downed the Sky, 82-67, in Elena Delle Donne's return to Chicago.

The Fever rallied from 14 behind to clip the Sparks, 93-90.

WNBA team news:

The Lynx still have a perfect record, but their play could use improvement.

WNBA player news:

Stefanie Dolson feels right at home in Chicago.

Officially, Brittany Boyd will miss the rest of the season. She had successful Achilles tendon surgery Monday.

The league's rookie report finds that South Carolina's duo is thriving in Dallas.

The WNBA's MVP rankings list has Sylvia Fowles on top. Jewell Loyd should be higher than fourth.

College conference news:

The AAC and Mohegan Sun have entered into a multi-year agreement for the conference tournament to be played there.

College team news:

College of Charleston players are getting a taste of coaching in the Summer Jam Basketball League.

College player news:

Oregon State's Mikayla Pivec is spending her offseason throwing the javelin for the Beavers.

Maryland transfer Kiah Gillespie has landed at Florida State.

Nevada transfer Desirae Gonzalez has gone to Northern Arizona.

College coach news:

Nikki McCray-Penson "couldn't be more excited" to be ODU's new head coach.

Fordham coach Stephanie Gaitley has signed a two-year contract extension.

Crystal Kelly is Xavier's new assistant coach.


Tamika Catchings talks about her new job and tea cafe.

Nancy Lieberman has donated a basketball court to Springfield, Mass.

Corey Gaines is back with the Japan National Team as an adviser.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Plenty of story lines in WNBA week two

Tomorrow's schedule:

The short-handed Mercury look to slow the short-handed Liberty tomorrow.

The Sun travel to face the Lynx, who historically start strong.

WNBA team news:

The Liberty are weighing options in filling the Brittany Boyd void.

The Mercury is unhappy with Diana Taurasi's suspension.

Things are coming together quickly for the Lynx.

Erin Phillips is the Dallas Wings' new director of player and franchise development.

Western Conference teams came out strong this past week.

WNBA player news:

Making it out, by Sugar Rodgers.

Epiphanny Prince took on demons, and now takes on the WNBA.

Double-double machine Jonquel Jones added physicality after playing in South Korea. She is currently the league's leading rebounder.

A healthy Rachel Banham returns to Minnesota to take on the Lynx tomorrow.

Alaina Coates is still waiting for her turn to suit up for the Sky.

A record four former Baylor Bears have made WNBA rosters this season.

Layshia Clarendon and Sylvia Fowles are the league's Eastern and Western Conference players of the week.

Former WNBA player news:

LaChina Robinson interviews Chamique Holdsclaw about her mental health advocacy work.


Hot moments around the league this past week.

College team news:

Oregon State is reloading.

Cal State Bakersfield adds four transfers, including Kandis Barber from Rutgers. Coach Greg McCall is DeWanna Bonner and Erica McCall's dad.

College player news:

Lulu McKinney will transfer from UTEP.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Just a sprinkle on a slow news day

Today's results:

Caught napping, the Dream dropped their home opener to the Sky, 75-71.

Jewell Loyd stepped up when Breanna Stewart was out to score 26 points and lead the Storm over the Mystics, 81-71. It was Sue Bird's first game of the season, and she dished ten assists.

WNBA team news:

Against the Lynx, the Wings proved they can hang with the best.

WNBA player news:

Mercury forward Diana Taurasi is suspended for one game without pay for elbowing Stars forward Dearica Hamby in the head during Friday's game.

USA Basketball news:

The U19 team was unveiled today.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

WNBA season, day six

Tonight's result:

The Lynx topped the Liberty, 90-71. But New York guard Brittany Boyd might have torn her Achilles. Prayers for her.

Last night's game:

Brittney Griner put up a career-high 32 points to lead the Mercury over the Fever, 85-62. Diana Taurasi surpassed 1,500 career rebounds.

Tomorrow's game schedule:

Phoenix travels to San Antonio, who is still waiting for the debut of Kelsey Plum.

Dream at Sky

Mystics at Sparks

WNBA team news:

The Los Angeles Sparks' ring ceremony will be streamed live on Twitter and Periscope tomorrow night.

The Mystics' road trip will serve as a get-to-know-you retreat.

San Antonio is betting its small stars can be supernovas.

The Sun have reached a TV deal with CSN New England for 15 games.

WNBA player news:

Tina Charles previews her special edition Black History Month sneakers.

Big things are expected from Kiah Stokes this season.

Amanda Zahui B enters her third season with confidence.

Leilani Mitchell has had two strong performances for Phoenix.

Stars vet Monique Currie still has game.

Kaela Davis and Allisha Gray are making a fast impact on Dallas.

Why Alaina Coates' pro career is still on hold.

Five on five with the Mercury's Cayla George.

Terps in the WNBA.

College player news:

Once homeless, Kimijah King has found a niche with UAA basketball.

College coach news:

New UMKC coach Jacie Hoyt gets her competitive drive from her mom.

Christie Sides has been promoted to associate head coach at Northwestern.

High school news:

Top recruit Jordan Horston would rather dish assists than score any day of the week.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Movement afoot

While we await the finish of Fever at Mercury......

WNBA team news:

Consistency and camaraderie make the Lynx contenders.

Meet chief marketing officer Nicole Smith, the Dallas Wings' brand pioneer.

Minnesota and New York will square off tomorrow after unsatisfactory wins over the weekend.

WNBA player news:

Sun forward Alyssa Thomas has a concussion.

Nneka Ogwumike had an MVP kind of opening weekend.

Both the Fever and Candice Dupree think she'll be a great fit in Indiana.

Bria Holmes is ready for a breakout year in the WNBA.

Jordan Hooper is happy to earn a spot with the Sun.

Allisha Gray has made a seamless transition to the WNBA.

WNBA coach news:

Mystics coach Mike Thibault has signed a four-year contract extension.

Former WNBA player news:

Chamique Holdsclaw is educating others about mental health.

College team news:

Oklahoma has announced a four-year series with UConn.

College player news:

Ohio State's Kiara Lewis is transferring to Syracuse.

Iowa State's Tee Tee Starks and FAU's Kat Wright have transferred to Arizona.

Ohio State transfer Tori McCoy has landed at Marquette.

Auburn guard Tyra Johnson has left to play at a junior college.

Janie McRae is enjoying a fresh start at Montana State.

College coach news:

Dawn Staley has won the Winged Foot Award.

Toledo coach Tricia Cullop's contract has been extended to 2025.

Rob Norris has been promoted to assistant head coach at Georgia Tech.

Abi Olajuwon has been promoted to recruiting coordinator at Eastern Michigan.

Marty McGillan is Minnesota's new assistant coach.

Stephanie Edwards has returned to Jacksonville as an assistant coach.

Dominique Bryant is a new assistant coach at Vermont.

Vanessa Taylor is Coastal Carolina's new assistant coach.

Todd Schultze has been promoted to associate head coach at SIUE.

John Marcum is Butler's new assistant coach.


WNBA athletes trapped in unfair comparisons with men.

Bonding over basketball and chemistry at a Target deli.

WNBA, NBA leaders on the value of Duke connections.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Absences highlight opening day

Game roll call:

The Liberty topped the Stars, 73-64, but New York coach Bill Laimbeer called his team's performance "awful."

During the game there was tension between Liberty guard Brittany Boyd and Stars vet Monique Currie. They had to be separated.

Kelsey Plum and Moriah Jefferson sat out of San Antonio's first game with injuries.

On a positive note, San Antonio coach Vickie Johnson was honored at Madison Square Garden in her coaching debut.

Storm forward Breanna Stewart and point guard Sue Bird missed today's opener against the Sparks with knee injuries, and both are day-to-day.

Los Angeles, missing Candace Parker, Jantel Lavender and Essence Carson overseas, still beat Seattle, 78-68.

In the third game of the day, the Angel McCoughtry-less Dream held off the Sun, 81-74.

Tomorrow's quadruple-header schedule:

Stars at Mystics

Wings at Mercury

Fever at Storm

Sky at Lynx

WNBA team news:

Strong finish, continuity have Storm on cusp of greater success.

The Stars could be poised for another breakthrough season.

WNBA player news:

Maya Moore renewed her spirit and then upped her game for the Lynx.

Skylar Diggins has added a husband and a hyphen. She is a player to watch.

The Liberty's Rebecca Allen has found direction as the season tips off.

The orange trio is set to begin the WNBA season.

Former Cal Bears are also ready to start the season.

Temi Fegbenle has an opening tip for the Lynx.

UConn players in the WNBA.

WNBA coach news:

Podcast with Sparks coach Brian Agler.

College player news:

The sky is the limit for UConn's Kia Nurse.

Friday, May 12, 2017

WNBA season starts in 5...4...3...2...

Opening weekend:

Tipoff weekend preview.

Five questions going into the season.

The league's 21st season begins as a worthy follow up to No. 20.

Three things to watch as the season begins.

Team preview capsules.

The WNBA has found ways to grow their fan base.

WNBA team news:

San Antonio is angling for respect with a new veteran presence.

The Sparks will launch their title defense with key pieces missing.

Five things to watch for this Storm season.

Ten things to know about Dallas.

Can Diana Taurasi and Brittney Griner lead the Mercury's new wave of talent?

The Lynx are old, but they're ready to vie for another title.

Minnesota season primer.

The Lynx now have the deepest bench in coach Cheryl Reeve's tenure.

WNBA player news:

Kelsey Plum talks sexism, launching shirts and other topics in this Q&A.

Breanna Stewart and Jewell Loyd form a dynamic duo similar to Lauren Jackson and Sue Bird.

Elena Delle Donne had to hate basketball before she could love it again.

Sugar Rodgers went from riding the bench as a rookie to a three-point specialist for New York.

Maya Moore is one of the best. Can she be even better?

Emma Meesseman returned for her first practice.

Breanna Stewart is poised for bigger and better things in her second year. She wants to improve.

Stewart was finally able to catch her breath this year.

With a new team and a new baby, Bria Hartley has something to prove.

Saniya Chong is living her dream after securing a roster spot with Dallas.

Lynx coach Cheryl Reeve is glad Lindsay Whalen's toughness is being acknowledged.

Mother's Day:

Bria Hartley is balancing being a mom with playing for the Liberty.

WNBA moms are grateful for a lot, but there is more work to be done.

Allison Feaster: life as a pro and a mom overseas.

Lauren Jackson loves being a mom.

NCAA news:

The Women's Basketball Rules Committee has proposed changes to the four-foot restricted arc, and for inbounding.

College player news:

Louisville transfer Mariya Moore has landed at USC with her sister Minyon.

UNLV twins Dylan and Dakota Gonzalez will forego their final year of eligibility to pursue other professional opportunities.

Rosters finalized

Liberty roster

Sparks roster

Sun roster

Wings roster

Fever roster

Storm roster

Mystics.....don't appear to have a roster release up anywhere.

Stars roster

Sky roster

Lynx roster

Dream roster

Mercury roster

The final list of transactions.

Roster cuts reflect an increasingly elite WNBA

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Bracing and preparing

WNBA rosters must be finalized by tomorrow. There were only three cuts today, which means tomorrow will end with a long list of broken dreams. Brace yourselves.

The season is two days away:

TV schedule.

National TV schedule.


It's known that I don't fancy predictions. Last year the WNBA GMs tabbed the Mercury to win the title, and we saw how that went. This season they're picking the Lynx. We'll see.

The league has MVP preseason rankings.

Fantasy game:

The WNBA and FanDuel have announced a one-day fantasy game. First time for that.

In lights:

The Empire State Building will be illuminated in New York Liberty colors for the season opener.

WNBA team news:

Get ready for the season with major additions and subtractions.

The Lynx could squeeze an extra player on to their roster before their opener.

The Sun roster is in flux as the season approaches.

All access at Dallas Wings practice.

All-access at New York Liberty practice.

All-access at Seattle Storm practice.

All-access at Minnesota Lynx practice.

The Sparks are postponing their Championship ring ceremony until Candace Parker, Essence Carson and Jantel Lavender return.

WNBA player news:

Cappie Pondexter is set to lead the young Chicago Sky.

Lindsay Whalen is staying ahead of the game.

Tayler Hill values playing over a paycheck.

Breanna Stewart shares the best advice from her mom and a training tip from her dad.

Isabelle Harrison is getting her groove back.

Moriah Jefferson is back.

Jonquel Jones: the Sun also rises.

Exciting duos to watch this season.

Has Saniya Chong made the Dallas Wings?

College player news:

The NCAA has granted another year of eligibility to South Dakota's Caitlin Duffy.

Former Florida State guard A'Tyanna Gaulden is transferring to Arkansas.

LaKyesha Stennis has transferred from Alabama to Oakland.

College coach news:

Jacie Hoyt is UMKC's new head coach.

Niki Washington is Illinois State's new assistant coach.

Former WNBA player news:

Tamika Catchings is ready to help players with their "second acts."

Former Liberty star Sue Wicks has found her calling.

Former college coach news:

What Marsha Sharp is up to now.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Why aren't women's basketball fans following their players to the pros?

The title of the story, above, says it all. There are far more fans and there is much greater media coverage for college women's basketball than there is for the WNBA. Writer Lyndsey D'Arcangelo cites two main factors:

- A lack of tradition/history because the league is only 20 years old.

- A lack of media to cover teams and lack of interest in the league in non-WNBA cities.

LaChina Robinson is quoted as saying, “Take the NBA. It’s constantly there, in your face, reminding you that it exists."

Yes to all of the above.

I will add:

- Fans and many of WNBA players themselves don't seem to know much about history of women's basketball, nor the history of the league. Newer WNBA fans have surprised me with their ignorance of the league's founding players, as have college players. I asked one current DI player last season if she knew who Chamique Holdsclaw is, and she didn't. You have to know history to have tradition. How can anyone expect newcomers to become fans of the WNBA if those who watch it and play in it don't know much about it?

- I've been the only reporter at pregame warmups more times than I can count. I'm always one of two or three on opening day of training camp. I'm used to lots of open seats on press row.

People in non-WNBA cities don't talk about the league like NBA fans in non-NBA cities do. It gets back to what LaChina said about marketing: the NBA is always in your face. In the meantime, the WNBA is chilling in the corner.

I've written about the need of the league to market before, and then followed it up. I didn't see much, if any, WNBA marketing this past winter.

I've heard some former players say college is the highlight of their basketball lives, and I can see why they'd say that as the WNBA seems largely forgotten for now. Hopefully Connecticut Sun vice president Amber Cox is right, and we need to have patience.

A bit of reading up and marketing would help, too.

Veterans waived as WNBA season tipoff looms

WNBA team news:

Welcome back, New York Liberty.

WNBA player news:

Lynx teammates Renee Montgomery and Jia Perkins put in the fun and the work.

Breanna Stewart is getting help from Sue Bird as she prepares for her second WNBA season. She is refreshed and ready.

Jewell Loyd keeps looking forward in the WNBA.

Chicago's Cheyenne Parker is ready to surprise people.

Imani Boyette has learned from experience and is ready for an enhanced role with the Sky.

Elena Delle Donne's love letter to Washington D.C.

Kristi Toliver has joined the Mystics and Delle Donne already loves playing with her.

Washington's sunny outlook has a Philly-area accent.

Nneka Ogwumike and Brittney Griner are gearing up for the season.

Erin Phillips' next step is uncertain after being waived by Dallas today.

The WNBA and ESPN have dueling preseason MVP rankings.

Today's transactions:

....sees veterans Allison Hightower and Erip Phillips cut. Roneeka Hodges was waived yesterday.

Stuff is real right now. And two more days of cuts to go.

College player news:

Purdue forward Dominique McBryde is transferring.

College coach news:

Dawn Staley isn't slowing down in her quest to keep the Gamecocks on top.

Jeff Cammon is the new head coach at Long Beach State.

Gayle Coats Fulks is the new head coach at Davidson.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Cuts are only going to get tougher

Today's preseason results:

Sun 79, Liberty 57

Mercury 72, Storm 55

Only one more preseason game left, and that's tomorrow as the Lynx visit the Mystics.

Yesterday's game stories from WomensHoopsWorld writers:

Wings take a defensive stance to close out preaseason with a win

Sparks victorious, but still missing key pieces in final preseason tune up

WNBA team news:

The Mystics will only get a partial look at their line up in tomorrow's last preseason game against the Lynx.

The Sun are 3-0 in preseason.

WNBA player news:

How NBA competition shaped this year's No. 1 pick.

Elena Delle Donne's home debut is tomorrow.

Today's transactions:

....are tough.

And they're only going to get more brutal over the next five days, as teams have to trim down to 12 by Friday. Be braced for it.

College player news:

Tori McCoy has transferred from Ohio State to Marquette.