Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Day three of camp: still grinding


The sun has risen on a brand new roster.


Meet newcomer and veteran Armintie Herrington.


The Storm will count on Crystal Langhorne to fill a hole in the middle.


Rookie Christina Foggie is out to prove she belongs.

All teams:

Twitter round up of the first day of camp.

International play:

WNBA stars Sue Bird, Diana Taurasi and Candace Parker swept in Russia.

College news:

A helpful list of all the coaching changes that have gone down since the college season ended.

Can 23-year-old Tyler Summitt revive Louisiana Tech?

Carly Thibault, aka Mike Thibault's daughter, is a new assistant coach at Eastern Michigan.

Nebraska associate head coach Sunny Smallwood has left to take the same position at Boise State.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Contemplating the college transfer issue

College transfers have increased dramatically over the last 15 years, to the point where some feel that excitement for transfers now eclipses a school's desire to get the best freshmen.

The public is keenly interested in who is transferring where. I saw it for myself the last ten days, as the news updates I posted about soon-to-be-former Tar Heel Diamond DeShields sent my page views through the roof.

Nationally, 8.2 percent of female basketball players transferred at the end of the 2010-2011 season. It is probably at least the same, if not higher today.

It's hard to pinpoint what is at the heart of the transfer increase, as most stories written about the issue center around male players.

One recent study found Division I basketball-playing men are less trusting of their coaches than athletes in any other sport.

Sports Illustrated has deemed the trend "up-transferring," where a ball player goes from a mid-major college to a major.

On the women's side, I don't particularly notice transfers "upward." In fact, there have been quite a few transfers this spring that have been the reverse, where a player from a BCS school leaves for a smaller college.

And it would be interesting to have the same study on coach trust done for female players. I doubt, however, that women would be found to be as distrusting of their coaches as men are. I've talked to a lot of coaches and a lot of players, and I just don't see it. There is much less money in women's basketball, anyway.

I have a feeling it's one of two things - and in some cases it may be both.

1. The recruiting process for kids today can begin as early as middle school. Some young people verbally commit before they enter high school. Coaches become sales people to athletes, putting on their best faces and rolling out the red carpet for visits. Sometimes when a player arrives as a freshman, the actual reality of the situation isn't the way it was presented. Promises are sometimes broken. Athletes bail.

2. For other athletes, nothing is overtly "wrong," but they aren't satisfied for whatever reason. And like the world in general - and even more so, young people - they are quick to give up. They aren't willing to "stick it out" as their elders probably would have, to see if things could work out. What they are willing to do is sit out a year so they can transfer to their new school

Given the examples shown to athletes, I can't completely blame them. College administrations are quick to get rid of coaches within a few years who don't produce immediate results - even when they start with scraps and crumbs. The college coach turnover rate is so ridiculous that unless a coach has just signed a multi-year contract extension, there is no guarantee that she/he will be there through a recruit's senior year.

Be prepared for the college transfer rate to continue at a brisk clip. It won't be slowing down any time soon.

Interesting WNBA training camp rosters

WNBA training camp begins tomorrow, and the rosters are out.

There have been some quiet changes to go with the big moves, and I wonder if some of these veterans are really going to be at camp, i.e. have they signed a camp contract?

Other thoughts:

The defending champion Lynx is going to be one tough roster to make. There are six rookies and one more vying for pretty much two spots. I can feel the pain already.

Fever cuts will be brutal too, as they have five newcomers and some decorated veterans on the grind.

The Sun will have some unpleasant decisions to make with this much talent in the building.

The Mercury have a whopping 20 players from which to choose, including a few who have played for other teams, and three rookies.

The Sparks' list is comparatively small, with 14 players battling for spots.

The Sky is rolling in rookie talent, with seven slated for tryouts as part of the 18. Will Swin Cash really be there? She hasn't signed a camp contract.

New York seems to be the place where many players from former teams find themselves tomorrow: Ebony Hoffman, Sugar Rodgers, Nicky Anosike. Will Delisha Milton-Jones be there?

No matter which way you slice it at the end, the Shock will be a young team.

The Dream have 15 on their training camp roster, and it looks like not too many tough decisions to make.

The Mystics' list is cut throat. No one will be safe, whether they're a rookie or have played for a few years. Will Michelle Snow be there?

The 17-long Storm roster is another place where no one is safe, except maybe Sue Bird, Camille Little, Tanisha Wright and Shekinna Stricklen.

The Stars will have 17 in camp.

Phenomenal amount of rookies on every roster. This year might have been the deepest draft in WNBA history.

I wish we had four more teams to handle all the cuts that are going to be made, as well as all the great players who didn't get drafted.

Bonus piece:

Lynx hope to copy Sparks and repeat as champions this year.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Two days 'til WNBA training camp starts (!)

Can't wait.


Tulsa's five quality guards give them needed flexibility.

Rookie point guard Odyssey Sims met the media today.

Training camp roster.


The training camp roster is set.


A minute with guard Kara Lawson.


Joslyn Tinkle is preparing for her second pro season.


Minnesota has launched an "inspiring women" series.


Nothing official, but I have heard a rumor that Swin Cash won't be returning to the team next year. I'll let everyone know if I hear anything more concrete.

Former basketball player one of seven suing NCAA

Ashley Holliday, who started at Kennesaw State for four years, is one of seven plaintiffs who filed an antitrust action lawsuit against the NCAA today:

The lawsuit cites research supporting the common complaint that NCAA athletes fall $3,000-$5,000 short, on average, of the full cost of attendance for school and are limited in opportunities for income, compared to traditional college students, due to NCAA policy.

Likening the argument to that of former Northwestern quarterback Kain Colter, who has headed the unionization initiative in Evanston, Ill., the lawsuit goes on to argue that being a collegiate athlete at the NCAA level is a job, rather than an extracurricular activity.

Holliday not only represents female athletes but also athletes at smaller schools. Listed as defendants in the case are the Atlantic Sun Conference, in which Kennesaw State has participated in as a full member since 2009, as well as Conference USA, the Mid-American Conference, the Mountain West Conference and the Sun Belt.

College coaching news:

Georgetown coach Natasha Adair has chosen her coaching staff: Melba Chambers, Sarah Jenkins and David White.

Jordan Green is a new assistant at Gonzaga.

Niki Dawkins is a new assistant at Minnesota.


Ticha Penicheiro will be inducted into the Virginia Sports Hall of Fame tomorrow.

The National Basketball Retired Players Association will honor Pat Summitt.

Diamond DeShields' mother speaks about daughter's transfer

Diamond DeShields' mother talks about her daughter's reasons for transferring from North Carolina:

“Diamond just needs different things. And sometimes you have to allow yourself to get in that environment to see if your needs are going to be fully met,” Tisha said. “We’re all changing and growing and changing our minds. Sometimes I feel like people can be a little unfair trying to hold an 18-year-old to a standard that they themselves don’t live by. She’s still growing and this is just part of her maturation process.

“She did her best and she stuck it out and she gave it everything she had in hopes that things would work together, so she can honestly say ‘I gave it the best I had, and it’s still not going to work for me.’”

DeShields said she won't talk to other schools until she finishes classes at UNC.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Pro news and more college coach shuffling



The Dream has renewed its television partnership with FOX Sports Regional Networks’ FOX Sports South and SportSouth.

Atlanta coach Michael Cooper has plans for "Showtime Schimmel."


Seattle has cut Charde Houston before training camp even started.


Rookie Stefanie Dolson appeared on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last night.


Training camp schedule.

College news:

Butler has fired coach Beth Couture after 12 years.

Stetson coach Lynn Bria's contract has been extended through 2019.

Q&A with new Portland coach Cheryl Sorenson.

Former Louisiana-Monroe quarterback and longtime girls basketball coach Stan Humphries is a new assistant coach for women's hoops.

FGCU assistant coach Abby Scharlow has resigned.

Transfer rules, explained

A lot of questions have come up since Diamond DeShields announced she was leaving North Carolina last week.

NCAA transfer rules can be downloaded in their entirety here.

Eligibility, procedures for transferring between different Divisions, and more are explained in those 35 pages.

Pages nine and ten
seem to address the rules many fans have questions about:

Know when you need to get permission to talk to another school

Written permission-to-contact

Generally, if you are enrolled as a full-time student at an NCAA or National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA)
four-year school and you want to transfer to a different NCAA school to play, your current school’s athletics director must give
written permission-to-contact to the new coach or member of the athletics staff before you or your parents can talk with one
of them. That is called having a
permission-to-contact letter.
You may write to any NCAA school saying that you are interested in transferring, but the new coach must not discuss transfer
opportunities with you unless he or she has received written permission-to-contact from your current school.
If your current school does not give you written permission-to-contact, another school cannot contact you and encourage you to transfer. This does not preclude you from transferring; however, if the new school is in Division I or II, you cannot
receive an athletics scholarship until you have attended the new school for one academic year.
Also, if your current school officials deny your request to permit another institution to contact you about transferring, they
must tell you in writing that you have a right to appeal the decision. In that instance, a panel of individuals from your current
school who are not involved in athletics will conduct a hearing to decide the issue.

Do not talk to another school’s coach until you know the rules about receiving written permission.

When do you not need written permission-to-contact?

In Divisions I and II, if you are transferring from a school that is not a member of the NCAA or NAIA, you do not need
written permission-to-contact.
Also, if you are now in Division III, you may issue your own release (called a self-release) to allow another Division III
school to contact you about transferring. The self-release applies
to transfer student-athletes from a Division III
school to another Division III school. For a sample self-release, go to the Division III homepage at

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

WNBA will hold first-ever preseason tournament

The WNBA will hold a preseason tournament May 9-11 at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fla. Participating teams are the Lynx, Sky, Fever and Mercury.

So is the WNBA scouting interest in Florida? (Any old-timers remember the Sol?)

More league news:

Liz Cambage will not return to the Shock for the 2014 season.

The Fever is opening camp with a new look to their roster.

Lynx guard Monica Wright has a calling for more than basketball.

One-on-one with Minnesota forward Maya Moore.

College news:

You can't read the story, but you get the idea: Diamond DeShield's mother says her daughter isn't talking about where she'll transfer until school is out.

Duke assistant coach Candice M. Jackson will soon be the College of Charleston's new head coach.

Texas A&M-Corpus Christi coach Royce Chadwick's contract has been extended through 2019.

Chandra Dorsey is Wichita State's new assistant coach.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

WNBA news, college coaching movement

WNBA news:

The Indiana Fever have announced a broadcast partnership with MyINDY-TV23.

The Liberty's Tina Charles says she's "just a city kid."

The Mystics are happy to have both rookies Stefanie Dolson and Bria Hartley.

Dream overseas update.

The Sparks have announced their training camp roster.

What can rookies do for the Lynx?

Theresa Plaisance is excited to have been drafted by the Shock.

College coaching news:

Boston University has let go of coach Kelly Greenberg.

Tyler Summitt has completed his coaching staff hires, bringing on Amber Smith and Bernitha Johnson as assistant coaches at Louisiana Tech.

South Carolina's investment in coach Dawn Staley is paying off.

Nadine Morgan has been promoted to associate head coach at Purdue.

U17 training camp roster named

Thirty-nine players will try out for the U17 team May 22-26:

Asia Durr (St. Pius X Catholic H.S./Douglasville, Ga.), as well as DeJanae Boykin (Charles H. Flowers H.S./Springdale, Md.); Kalani Brown (Salmen H.S./Slidell, La.); Chassity Carter (Dickson County H.S./Dickson, Tenn.); Lauren Cox (Flower Mound H.S./Flower Mound, Texas); Crystal Dangerfield (Blackman H.S./Murfreesboro, Tenn.); Chelsea Dungee (Preston Public School/Okmulgee, Okla.); Sabrina Ionescu (Miramonte H.S./Walnut Creek, Calif.); Nancy Mulkey (Cypress Woods H.S./Cypress, Texas); Taylor Murray (Annapolis Area Christian School/Odenton, Md.); Arike Ogunbowale (Divine Savior Holy Angels H.S./Milwaukee, Wis.); and Katie Lou Samuelson (Mater Dei H.S./Huntington Beach, Calif.).

Also participating in the 2014 USA U17 trials will be Tori McCoy (The H.S. of St. Thomas More/Champaign, Ill.), who was named to the 2013 USA U16 National Team before being forced to withdraw due to a concussion, and 2013 USA U16 trials participants; Erin Boley (Elizabethtown H.S./Hodgenville, Ky.); Jaelyn Brown (Vista Murrieta H.S./Murrieta, Calif.); Kennedy Burke (Sierra Canyon School/ Northridge, Calif.); Amari Carter (St. John’s College H.S./Washington, D.C.); Natalie Chou (Plano West Senior H.S./Plano, Texas); Te’a Cooper (McEachern H.S./Powder Springs, Ga.); Nicole Ekhomu (Joliet Catholic Academy/Bolingbrook, Ill.); Kysre Gondrezick (Benton Harbor H.S./Benton Harbor, Mich.); Ashley Hearn (Sachse H.S./Rowlett, Texas); Joyner Holmes (Cedar Hill H.S./Cedar Hill, Texas); Stephanie Jones (Aberdeen H.S./Havre de Grace, Md.); Krystaline McCune (duPont Manual H.S./Louisville, Ky.); Teniya Page (Marian Catholic H.S./Chicago, Ill.); Amber Ramirez (Wagner H.S./San Antonio, Texas); Caliya Robinson (McEachern H.S./Marietta, Ga.); Kylee Shook (Mesa Ridge H.S./Colorado Springs, Colo.); Celeste West (Garces Memorial H.S./Bakersfield, Calif.); and Anna Wilson (Collegiate School/Richmond, Va.).

Taking part in their first USA Basketball trials will be: Kristine Anigwe (Desert Vista H.S./Phoenix, Ariz.); Kiah Gillespie (Capital Preparatory Magnet School/Hartford, Conn.); Kasiyahna Kushkituah (Saint Francis H.S./Alpharetta, Ga.); Calveion Landrum (La Vega H.S./Waco, Texas); Leaonna Odom (Mater Dei H.S./Los Alamitos, Calif.); Jada Underwood (John Horn H.S./Mesquite, Texas); Megan Walker (Monacan H.S./Chesterfield, Va.); and Jackie Young (Princeton Community H.S./Princeton, Ind.).

Monday, April 21, 2014

MaxPreps high school players of the year

It looks like MaxPreps left off the headings beyond "first team" on their list of the nation's top high school players this year, or they really just couldn't pick. But it's an impressive group of ballers:

First team

A'ja Wilson
Jordin Canada
Napheesa Collier
Katie Lou Samuelson
Victoria Vivans

Everyone else

Ariel Atkins
Kelsey Mitchell
Mariya Moore
Jaime Nared
Brianna Turner
Kalani Brown
Sierra Calhoun
Te'a Cooper
Crystal Dangerfield
Asia Durr
Bianca Cuevas
Sophie Cunningham
Taylor Rooks
Azura Stevens
Shakayla Thomas
Mikayla Cowling
Sadie Edwards
Brittany McPhee
Gabrielle Ortiz
Jatarie White
McKenzie Calvert
Marina Mabrey
Dominique McBryde
Ali Patberg
Calveion Landrum
Erin Boley
Kennedy Burke
Ayanna Clark
Lauren Cox
Gabby Green
Kelli Hays
Jordan Hosey
Sabrina Ionescu
Brianna Jones
Aliyah Mazyck
Natalie Romero
Jessica Shepard
Asha Thomas

Coach of the year is Dan Rolfes of Incarnate Word Academy in St. Louis.

Lack of female coaches in the NCAA

A recent report, “Women in Intercollegiate Sport: A Longitudinal National Study," found there are more female athletes, but fewer female coaches in the college ranks.

More college news:

Interview with new Louisiana Tech coach Tyler Summitt.

Former Florida State assistant Ron Hughey is the new head coach at the University of Houston.

A game and a plan: Wright State's Courtney Boyd. What a story.

WNBA news:

Liberty guard Leilani Mitchell will sit out the season to stay in Australia and play and train.

The Mercury's Diana Taurasi and DeWanna Bonner have collected Euroleague awards.

Chalk talk with Sparks coach Carol Ross.

Profiling Sky rookie Gennifer Brandon.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Hot seats

When you announce that a coach whose contract runs through 2018 will be back next year, that coach might be on the hot seat:

Three of Bonnie Henrickson’s underclassmen have decided not to return to Kansas University next season, but the KU women’s basketball coach will be back for her 11th season, determined to land her first winning conference record in Big 12 play.

Earlier this month, KU announced the transfer of sophomore Lamaria Cole, a point guard headed to Prairie View A&M, a school closer to her hometown of Bryan, Texas. The transfers of twins Dakota and Dylan Gonzalez of Pocatello, Idaho, have not been announced, but Henrickson confirmed it Tuesday, saying, “Is that where it’s headed? Yes, that’s where we’re headed.”

The latest defections do not have athletic director Sheahon Zenger contemplating making a change.

“No,” Zenger said. “Bonnie will be back next year.”

On another note, I'm wondering what's up at Rutgers.

It was reported Feb. 28 that longtime coach C. Vivian Stringer was in final contract negotiations with the school.

It's been almost two months. Have they reached a deal, or not? Will Stringer be there next year?

On a professional note: WNBA training camp begins one week from today (!!)

Thursday, April 17, 2014

More earth shaking

Coaching movement:

Jodie Kaczor Berry and Nicole Powell are leaving Gonzaga to be assistants for Kelly Graves at Oregon.

Cheryl Sorenson is Portland's new head coach.

Greg Todd is the new coach at Morehead State.

Chris Johnson has been added to the Arkansas staff as an assistant coach.

Landon Bussie has joined Prairie View A&M as an assistant.

Other movement:

WBCA CEO Beth Bass is resigning.

Drake starter Ashley Bartow has left the team.

WNBA news:

Sky center Sylvia Fowles will miss time at the beginning of the season after having hip surgery.

USA Basketball:

Furman coach Jackie Carson and Navy coach Stefanie Pemper are the court coaches for the U18 team trials, May 23-27.

Championship games schedule.

Diamond DeShields reasons for transferring from North Carolina are unclear

You probably know that earlier today, the rumors that had circulated yesterday that Diamond DeShields was leaving the North Carolina program proved to be true:

CHAPEL HILL — Diamond DeShields, the top freshman women’s basketball player in the country, is transferring from North Carolina.

DeShields’s decision is a stunning blow to a program that expected to return every player from this year’s team. The Tar Heels went 27-10 and advanced to the Elite Eight of the NCAA Tournament for the first time since 2008 despite the absence of Hall of Fame coach Sylvia Hatchell, who was undergoing treatment for leukemia.

DeShields scored 648 points, more than any freshman in ACC history, and set a UNC freshman record with 38 points in a win at N.C. State. The Norcross, Ga., native averaged 18 points, 5.4 rebounds, 2.6 assists and 1.7 steals per game and was named the freshman of the year by espnW and the U.S. Basketball Writers Association.

Coach Sylvia Hatchell "doesn't know or understand" why DeShields is leaving.

DeShields tweeted yesterday that "There's no price on your peace."

I don't know yet why the young star is leaving, but I do know that right now it's looking like she'll next be a Georgia Bulldog.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Draft, signing and plenty of college news

WNBA Draft and trade-related news:

With the draft over, surgery is next for Fever draftee Natalie Achonwa. She is a step closer to living out her dream.

Storm draftee Michelle Plouffe is a hoops trailblazer.

Jennifer Hamson may need a hook in the WNBA.

Rookies Stefanie Dolson and Bria Hartley are already getting praise from Mystics coach Mike Thibault.

The Lynx signed Tan White and traded Suger Rodgers to New York.

Three statistical trends among the draft prospects.

Monday night's draft was the most-watched ever.

(Unofficially I can vouch for that, as several of the guys at the gym stopped to watch it with me on TV. And some knew the players and talked with me about it. I was so pleased.)

More WNBA news:

Awesome piece profiling Brittney Griner's life playing in China this winter:

When teammates talk about Griner, they smile often, quickly bringing a hand to cover their mouths, because in China it is poor etiquette for women to show their teeth. "She never eats vegetables," Chen says, almost giggling. "She plays video games like she is a kid."

"She is always happy," adds Shen Binbin, a starting guard. "I never see her get angry. When the season is over, I'd like to go back to America with her."

"Me too," Chen says.

They both smile, keeping their heads down.

High school:

Top 2014 recruit A'ja Wilson announced today she is choosing South Carolina.

Her peers were happy for her.

College news:

Jaime White is Fresno State's new coach.

Louisville and coach Jeff Walz are working to remain elite.

Expectations are skyrocketing for South Carolina.

Purdue coach Sharon Versyp will take her time finding a new assistant coach after the departure of Christy Smith, who went to Arkansas.

Tom Hodges returns to Middle Tennessee State as an assistant after a four-year absence, during which he was head coach at Morehead State.

Former Husker Hannah Tvrdy has landed at Colorado State.

Another former Nebraska player, Sadie Murren, is transferring to Wayne State College.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

WNBA Draft day after

Tina Charles addresses her decision to leave the Connecticut Sun:

"You are going to have ups and downs with a team, every day is not going to be perfect. I faced that my rookie year and I faced it my previous year. Connecticut has great parts but I looked at the bigger picture and the bigger picture was Coach Laimbeer, Cappie (Pondexter), the New York Liberty and the opportunity that they presented.

"My decision to leave the Sun is based on winning and being in New York. Coach Laimbeer and the Liberty organization is headed in the right direction and I very much want to be a part of that."

Some are bitter about Charles' departure.

Liberty coach Bill Laimbeer is happy:

''Acquiring Tina is one of the cornerstones of this franchise moving forward,'' said Laimbeer, the Liberty coach and general manager. ''She's a scorer and rebounder and wants to win very badly in front of her family and friends.

Essence Carson is happy too.

Other draft-related news:

ESPN gives teams draft grades, and the Eastern Conference leads the way.

Nneka Ogwumike is proud of sister Chiney's number one pick selection.

LaChina Robinson talks with Kayla McBride and Odyssey Sims.

Shoni Schimmel is excited to play with former Cardinal star Angel McCoughtry.

The top undrafted players.

College news:

Kansas State freshman Leticia Romero is requesting a release due to the coaching change, but the school refuses. Romero likens it to blackmail.

High school news:

Top recruit A'ja Wilson is at last going to reveal her college choice tomorrow.

Are unions coming to the NCAA?

A panel of administrators says the NCAA must change:

Many athletic departments are flush with cash thanks to multi-million dollar TV deals. Conferences have started their own networks, and coaches' contracts continue to soar.

Now athletes are demanding their fair share.

"The landscape as we know it for Division I is going to certainly change in some form or fashion," DeBauche said.

While DeBauche sees the current crisis as an opportunity to make college athletics healthier than ever, the panel also agreed the question now is how to do that.

"We have to have 21st century solutions," Barnhart said. "We didn't get to this problem overnight."

A regional National Labor Relations Board official cleared the way recently for football players at Northwestern to form what would be the nation's first union for college athletes. Northwestern has appealed the ruling, and the NLRB currently is weighing that appeal. The NCAA and the Big Ten Conference also oppose the ruling.

Northwestern players will vote April 25 on whether to form a union.
DeBauche said difficult conversations loom in the coming months. There's a gap between the top five conferences with the big-money deals, and she said the majority of the 32 conferences in Division I are more like the OVC. Money made by the conference goes back to members to pay bills. The conferences also need to protect non-revenue generating sports and meet Title IX requirements.

Other NCAA business:

The NCAA has voted to expand the meal allowance for athletes, after Connecticut guard Shabazz Napier complained last week that he often goes to bed hungry for lack of money to buy food. I wonder if this would have happened so quickly, or at all, it it had been one of the UConn women who had brought up the issue.

Monday, April 14, 2014

The wild WNBA 2014 Draft

Draft board:


1 Connecticut Sun (10-24), Chiney Ogwumike
2 Tulsa Shock (11-23), Odyssey Sims
3 San Antonio Stars (12-22), Kayla McBride
4 New York Liberty (11-23), Alyssa Thomas
5 Indiana Fever (16-18), Natasha Howard
6 Washington Mystics (17-17), Stefanie Dolson
7 Seattle Storm (17-17), Bria Hartley
8 Atlanta Dream (17-17), Shoni Schimmel
9 Indiana Fever (16-18), Natalie Achonwa
10 Chicago Sky (24-10), Markeisha Gatling
11 Connecticut Sun (10-24), Chelsea Gray
12 Minnesota Lynx (26-8), Tricia Liston


1 (13) Tulsa Shock (11-23), Jordan Hooper
2 (14) New York Liberty (11-23), Tyaunna Marshall
3 (15) Minnesota Lynx (26-8), Asya Bussie
4 (16) San Antonio Stars (12-22), Astou Ndour
5 (17) Phoenix Mercury (19-15), Tiffany Bias
6 (18) Atlanta Dream (17-17), Inga Orekhova
7 (19) Seattle Storm (17-17), Michelle Plouffe
8 (20) Atlanta Dream (17-17), Cassie Harberts
9 (21) Phoenix Mercury (19-15), Maggie Lucas
10 (22) Chicago Sky (24-10), Gennifer Brandon
11 (23) Los Angeles Sparks (24-10), Jennifer Hamson
12 (24) Minnesota Lynx (26-8), Christina Foggie


1 (25) Connecticut Sun (10-24), DeNesha Stallworth
2 (26) New York Liberty (11-23), Meighan Simmons
3 (27) Tulsa Shock (11-23), Theresa Plaisance
4 (28) San Antonio Stars (12-22), Bri Kulas
5 (29) Indiana Fever (16-18), Haiden Palmer
6 (30) Washington Mystics (17-17), Carley Mijovic
7 (31) Seattle Storm (17-17), Mikaela Ruef
8 (32) Washington Mystics (17-17), Kody Burke
9 (33) Phoenix (19-15), Stephanie Talbot
10 (34) Chicago Sky (24-10), Jamierra Faulkner
11 (35) Los Angeles Sparks (24-10), Antonita Slaughter
12 (36) Minnesota Lynx (26-8), Asia Taylor

But not so fast. The Liberty and Sun then made a trade: Tina Charles to New York for Kelsey Bone and Alyssa Thomas to Connecticut, plus the Liberty's first-round draft pick next year.

I was not surprised by this, as I'd heard rumors about how unhappy Charles was in Connecticut prior to last season even being over. It was just a matter of which team she would get traded to.

According to one reporter, Charles said she wouldn't play this season if she wasn't traded.

Then there was still more: the Storm dealt Bria Hartley to the Mystics, along with Tianna Hawkins, in exchange for Crystal Langhorne. This reunited Hartley with Stefanie Dolson.

More on the draft:

Draft blog.

Being picked number one is an Ogwumike family tradition.

Favor musings:

- Deepest draft in years.
- I bet Natasha Howard being drafted so high surprised many fans.
- I'm glad Markeisha Gatling was a first-rounder. She has been underrated.
- Wow - the Connecticut Sun has assembled quite the team. Some of my favorite players there now. They BETTER make the playoffs this year, with all those good ballers.
- Tricia Liston wasn't invited to the draft, and got picked 12th.
- I'm so happy to see Jordan Hooper, Tyaunna Marshall, Asya Bussie, Tiffany Bias, Michelle Pflouffe, Cassie Harberts, Maggie Lucas and Gennifer Brandon get picked up in the second round, especially. Harberts reunited with coach Michael Cooper could be really special.
- Meighan Simmons dropped further than some fans thought she would. Theresa Plaisance did indeed get picked up. Haiden Palmer, Mikaela Ruef, Kody Burke, Antonita Slaughter and Asia Taylor are the surprises at the end of this year's draft.
- San Antonio's picks will be puzzling for the average fan.
- What will Tulsa do with two point guards? I was thinking they'd try to trade Odyssey Sims.
- So basically the Sparks are saying they got all they needed from pre-draft trades?
- How are the Storm going to fill Lauren Jackson's shoes with whom they picked up?
- The Chicago Sky are going to be as tall as the sky.
- In 2001 the Fever drafted Tamika Catchings, who had recently torn her ACL and wouldn't be available until the following year. Today Indiana took Natalie Achonwa, who's in the same situation. Do they have a feeling about Achonwa like they obviously did with Catch?
- The New York Liberty are about to be very good, methinks. Ditto the Atlanta Dream, because fans don't know how good Celine Dumerc is yet.

Training camp starts April 27.

Coaching movement

Lisa Mispley Fortier moves from assistant to head coach at Gonzaga.

Maren Walseth is North Dakota State's new head coach.

Former SDSU coach Beth Burns will be associate head coach to Cynthia Cooper-Dyke at USC.

Oregon State associate head coach Mark Campbell has left to join Kelly Graves' staff at Oregon.

Christy Smith joins Arkansas as an assistant to new coach Jimmy Dykes.

The good and the sad

The good:

Georgetown has hired Natasha Adair as coach.

Former University of Houston coach Joe Curl died this morning of congestive heart failure.

More on the upcoming WNBA Draft

Tonight's draft will be 5 p.m. Pacific/8 p.m. Eastern on ESPN2 and WatchESPN.

The rest of the WNBA's team previews, which curiously omits the Los Angeles Sparks:






Fast facts.

The draft is just the first step for newcomers.

Women's Final Four Summit

Results of the Women's Final Four Summit last week:

Three sessions – youth development, business of basketball and the state of the game – brought together stakeholders from the international, professional, collegiate, high school, youth and media ranks. (Watch video from the summit here).

Concerns with ratings and attendance, developmental opportunities for coaches and athletes and numerous other areas call for a shared vision, according to Anucha Browne, the NCAA vice president for women's basketball championships who spearheaded the event. Browne said similar gatherings on a yearly or quarterly basis will potentially occur within a smaller group.

I was in attendance, and jotted down what I felt were key points made by speakers in the three panels:

- We need more rivalries in women's basketball, as they draw fans.

- The decline of female coaches in the sport is a serious concern.

- We need to put key players of every level together for yearly discussions, as the issues are the same across the board.

- We must find a way past this plateau of interest/viewership.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Who will go number one?

The Connecticut Sun have the first pick in Monday's WNBA draft. Will they take Chiney Ogwumike, as has been expected? Coach Anne Donovan isn't saying.

More analysis from ESPN on Ogwumike and other draft prospects.

College news:

Maryland's Chloe Pavlech salutes the Terp seniors.

Duke's Becca Greenwell blogs.

Tennessee's Meighan Simmons reflects on her Lady Vol career.

UCLA's Rhema Gardner is medically retiring from basketball.

Former Tulane standout Keisha Brown died Monday after a long battle with breast cancer.

Chiney Ogwumike wins Wooden Award

Stanford forward Chiney Ogwumike has won the John R. Wooden Award. The honor is bestowed to the player who embodies the late great coach's ideal of the "total basketball player":

Ogwumike is a two-time Pac-12 Player of the Year and three-time Pac-12 Defensive Player of the Year. She led her team to the Final Four three times in her four seasons with the Cardinal, including this year. Her 26.1 points (No. 4 nationally), 12.1 rebounds per game, 60.1% field-goal percentage, and 27 double-doubles make her the only player in the country to rank in the NCAA’s top 10 in each of those categories. She is No. 5 on the NCAA all-time rebounding list with 1,567 career boards and is the Pac-12’s all-time leading scorer with 2,737 points.

Very, very deserving.

First annual SchollyME All-World Cardinal and White Game April 19

The first annual SchollyME All-World Cardinal and White Game will be 6:30 p.m. Saturday, April 19 at Concordia University in Irvine, Calif., and will feature top 2014 high school recruits from around the country.

The roster includes:

Jordin Canada
Bianca Cuevas
Chyanne Butler
McKenzie Calvert
Camila Tapias
Brooke McCarty
Tyra Buss
Rece Caldwell
Kelsey Mitchell
Ariel Atkins
Victoria Vivians
Gabby Green
Shakayla Thomas
Myisha Hines-Allen
Aliyah Huland-El
Kortney Dunbar
Mariyah Moore
Kathryn Westbeld
Mikayla Cowling
Lahjana Drummer
​​Khaleann Caron-Goudreau
Audreyann Caron-Goudreau
Peyton Langston
A'ja Wilson
Jatarie White
Lynee' Belton

Melvin Nunnery, President/CEO of SchollyME, and Prentice Beverly of SchollyME and BallNPrep decided to put the game together after the WBCA announced it wouldn't have an All-Star game at the Final Four this year. Nunnery said the roster rivals the McDonald's All-American team selections.

"What I love about how we selected the teams is that there will be no East versus West," Nunnery said. "We have made it so that it will be very competitive. There will have players from East and West on both teams. These teams are about match ups and not location. So if there are high school teammates that make our team they may not be on the same SchollyME team. Think about a West coast-style point guard playing with an East coast post. These are going to be great match ups."

All games will be professionally streamed live on www.schollyme.com at no charge. All behind the scenes exclusive videos and interviews will also be posted on schollyme.com.

SchollyME.com is the fastest growing sports social network. It is designed to help high school student athletes have a better chance at obtaining an athletic scholarship in basketball.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

What's bad for the women's game: blowouts and monopolies

Tuesday's National Championship enjoyed the best TV viewer ratings in a decade, as fans tuned in expecting to see a great, close match up.

What they got instead was a blow out. Not quite as bad as last year's title game, but close. The winner/butt-kicker in both cases was Connecticut.

No one is doubting that the Huskies are a great team, or that coach Geno Auriemma has an amazing system that works. But it's boring to see one team win over and over again, and it's a true let down to see one-sided championship games. Coaches and media in Nashville for the game were pulling hard for a close match up. Everyone came away disappointed.

For the sake of the game, let's hope that someone can challenge Connecticut. And fast.

The WNBA draft is coming



– Four Players from NCAA Division I Championship Game to Take Part in Telecast –

– ESPN2 to Telecast First Round Live Beginning at 8 p.m. ET –

NEW YORK, April 10, 2014 – Odyssey Sims of Baylor, winner of the 2014 Wade Trophy as the NCAA Division I Player of the Year, and Stanford’s Chiney Ogwumike, a four-time First Team All-American and two-time Pac-12 Player of the Year, headline a list of 12 prospects who will attend the WNBA Draft 2014 presented by State Farm, which will be held on Monday, April 14, at Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Conn. Live coverage of the first round will begin on ESPN2 at 8 p.m. ET. Coverage of the second and third rounds will be televised on ESPNU from 9-10:30 p.m.

Center Stefanie Dolson and guard Bria Hartley will represent the 2014 NCAA Champion Connecticut Huskies, while center Natalie Achonwa and guard Kayla McBride will be on hand for the runner-up Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

Rounding out the list players are guards Chelsea Gray (Duke), Shoni Schimmel (Louisville), and Meighan Simmons (Tennessee); forwards Natasha Howard (Florida State) and Alyssa Thomas (Maryland); and center Markeisha Gatling (North Carolina State).

The Connecticut Sun holds the top pick in the draft for the second time in franchise history after garnering the top selection in this year’s WNBA Draft Lottery presented by State Farm, which aired on ESPN’s SportsCenter in December. Rounding out this year’s top five picks are the Tulsa Shock (second), San Antonio Stars (third), New York Liberty (fourth), and Indiana Fever (fifth).

The left-handed shooting Sims was a consensus All-American and finalist for all major National Player of the Year awards the last two seasons. A four-time All-Big 12 First Team and three-time All-Defensive Team honoree, Sims’ 1,054 points as a senior were the second highest single-season total in Division I history (Missouri State’s Jackie Stiles,1,062), while her career total of 2,533 points surpassed former Baylor teammate Brittney Griner’s Big 12 record.

Ogwumike, whose resume also includes three Pac-12 Defensive Player of the Year honors, is the younger sister of Nneka Ogwumike, whom the Los Angeles Sparks made the No. 1 overall selection in the 2012 Draft. Chiney entered the recent Final Four as the only Division I player to rank among the top 10 in the nation in scoring (third), field goal percentage (fourth), double-doubles (fourth), and rebounding (ninth), and leaves Stanford as the Pac-12’s all-time leading scorer and rebounder.

Dolson and Hartley, a pair of AP All-American Second Team picks – as well as roommates for the past three years at Connecticut – helped the Huskies to four straight Final Four appearances and were key contributors during each of the past two seasons as UConn won consecutive national titles, raising the school’s total to a record nine championships. In 2014, both were finalists for multiple National Player of the Year awards and members of the All-American Athletic Conference First Team. Dolson also was named the AAC’s Defensive Player of the Year.

Achonwa and McBride helped the Irish to a berth in the NCAA Championship Game in each of the past three seasons. As seniors, the duo led Notre Dame to the first undefeated regular season in program history and to a third straight regular-season conference title (BIG EAST crowns in 2012 and 2013, and an Atlantic Coast Conference title this season). Achonwa, an AP All-America Second Team pick, ranked third in Division I in field goal percentage as a senior, while McBride earned a spot on the AP’s All-American First Team and was voted by ACC coaches as the league’s 2014 ACC Player of the Year.

Gatling led all Division I players in field goal percentage (.663) and was an All-America Honorable Mention pick (AP) and All-ACC First Team selection. She leaves NC State as the school’s all-time career leader in field goal percentage (.628). Gray, despite having the past two seasons cut short by knee injuries, earned Co-ACC Player of the Year honors as a junior and All-America Honorable Mention (AP) as a senior. At the time of her injury in January, she was sixth in Division I in assists and was just 35 shy of Duke’s career record. Howard ranks as the Seminoles’ all-time leader in rebounds (1,047), is No. 2 in both points (1,811) and double-doubles (41), and No. 3 in blocks. She capped her senior season as a finalist for the Wade Trophy and was selected to both the All-ACC First Team and All-Defensive Team.

Schimmel finished her Louisville career with 387 made three-point shots, five shy of the Division I mark of 392 held by Kansas State’s Laurie Koehn. The first player in Cardinals’ history with 2,000 points and 500 rebounds, Schimmel was an All-America Second Team pick and an All-American Athletic Conference First Team honoree as a senior. Simmons was voted by AP as the Southeastern Conference’s Player of the Year as a senior (AP), one year after being named Co-Player of the Year by the conference’s coaches along with A’dia Mathies. She finished her Tennessee career as the fifth Lady Vol in history with 2,000+ points, joining such luminaries as Chamique Holdsclaw, Candace Parker, and Tamika Catchings. Thomas, a four-time All-American, three-time ACC Player of the Year, and a candidate for multiple national Player of the Year awards, joined former Duke star Alana Beard as the only players to follow up ACC Rookie of the Year accolades with three straight ACC Player of the Year honors (2012-14). As a senior, Thomas led Division I with four triple-doubles, bringing her career total to seven.

Last year, the excitement generated by the “3 to See” -- Baylor’s Brittney Griner, Delaware’s Elena Delle Donne, and Notre Dame’s Skylar Diggins -- made the 2013 WNBA Draft presented by State Farm one of the most followed drafts in league history. Delle Donne, selected No. 2 overall by the Chicago Sky, went on to earn the WNBA Rookie of the Year award and was the first rookie in history to lead all vote-getters for the WNBA All-Star Game presented by Boost Mobile. Griner, taken by the Phoenix Mercury with the top pick, and Diggins, selected third by the Tulsa Shock, each earned a place on the All-Rookie Team.

This year’s telecast will also be available on computers, smartphones, tablets, Xbox, Apple TV and Roku via WatchESPN to fans who receive their video subscription from an affiliated provider.

Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, Conn. is the home of the Connecticut Sun and has hosted the WNBA All-Star Game three times (2005, 2009, and 2013).

WNBA.com, in addition to providing comprehensive draft-day coverage, will serve as the web destination for fans who want to track the top seniors in advance of the draft.

The players invited to attend WNBA Draft 2014 presented by State Farm are:

Name College/University Position Height

Natalie Achonwa Notre Dame Forward 6’3”

Stefanie Dolson Connecticut Center 6’5”

Markeisha Gatling North Carolina State Center 6’5”

Chelsea Gray Duke Guard 5’11”

Bria Hartley Connecticut Guard 5’8”

Natasha Howard Florida State Forward 6’3”

Kayla McBride Notre Dame Guard 5’11”

Chiney Ogwumike Stanford Forward 6’4”

Shoni Schimmel Louisville Guard 5’9”

Meighan Simmons Tennessee Guard 5’9”

Odyssey Sims Baylor Guard 5’8”

Alyssa Thomas Maryland Forward 6’2”

Here are all the team picks:


Pick Team Record

1. Connecticut 10-24
2. Tulsa 11-23
3. San Antonio 12-22
4. New York 11-23
5. Indiana 16-18
6. Washington 17-17
7. Seattle 17-17
8. Atlanta 17-17
9. Indiana (from Phoenix, 3/11/14) 19-15
10. Chicago 24-10
11. Connecticut (from LA, 3/28/14) 24-10
12. Minnesota 26-8


Pick Team Record

1. Tulsa (from Connecticut) 10-24
2. New York 11-23
3. Minnesota (from Tulsa) 11-23
4. San Antonio 12-22
5. Phoenix (from Indiana) 16-18
6. Atlanta (from Washington) 17-17
7. Seattle 17-17
8. Atlanta 17-17
9. Phoenix 19-15
10. Chicago 24-10
11. Los Angeles 24-10
12. Minnesota 26-8


Pick Team Record

1. Connecticut 10-24
2. New York 11-23
3. Tulsa 11-23
4. San Antonio 12-22
5. Indiana 16-18
6. Washington 17-17
7. Seattle 17-17
8. Washington (from Atlanta) 17-17
9. Phoenix 19-15
10. Chicago 24-10
11. Los Angeles 24-10
12. Minnesota 26-8

Prospect profiles

The first six team needs analyses:







Final high school rankings

ESPN's final high school top 25:

1. Blackman
2. Incarnate Word Academy
3. Long Beach Polytechnic
4. Duncanville
5. Windward
6. Manvel
7. Mater Dei
8. Regis Jesuit
9. Myers Park
10. Bedford North Lawrence
11. Rock Bridge
12. Whitney Young
13. Lawrence North
14. M.X. Shabazz
15. Riverdale Baptist
16. Salmen
17. Salesian
18. McEachern
19. Etiwanda
20. Sierra Canyon
21. New Hope Christian Academy
22. Southwest Dekalb
23. Cosby
24. St. Mary's
25. La Vega

Murfreesboro, Tennessee is the queen of the high school basketball world.

Final USA Today top 25 poll

Final season rankings:

1. Connecticut
2. Notre Dame
3. Stanford
4. Maryland
5. Louisville
6. Baylor
7. North Carolina
8. Tennessee
9. South Carolina
10. Texas A&M
11. Kentucky
12. West Virginia
13. Duke
14. Penn State
15. Oklahoma State
16. DePaul
17. Nebraska
18. BYU
19. Purdue
20. California
21. North Carolina State
22. Gonzaga
23. Michigan State
24. LSU
25. Oregon State

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The day after

UConn was treated to a pep rally on campus today, as they returned from winning the National Championship.

College coaching and player news:

Marquette's coach of 18 years, Terri Mitchell, won't return next year.

Gonzaga could look internally to replace coach Kelly Graves.

Oregon players and fans are energized by the hiring of Graves.

Middle Tennessee's Rick Insell will coach against Matt Insell of Ole Miss next season.

New Minnesota coach Marlene Stollings said the cupboard isn't bare.

Joslyn Massey will transfer from Purdue.


The Stars unveiled their new jerseys.

The Shock have named Ed Baldwin an assistant coach. This rounds out Fred Williams' staff.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

UConn remains undefeated, beat Notre Dame for title

Connecticut won the National Championship in decisive fashion, downing Notre Dame 79-58.

Championship game pre-funk

Muffet McGraw and Geno Auriemma plain don't like each other.

The Final Four schedule will change next year.

More college news:

College of Charleston coach Natasha Adair has been offered the job at Georgetown.

Dawn Staley's South Carolina team likely hasn't reached its peak.

Growing the game

At least one AP writer thinks tonight could be a watershed moment for women's hoops, as it marks the first time in history that two undefeated teams have squared off:

But this isn't the first time the game has stepped into the national spotlight.

The great rivalry between UConn and Tennessee and its Hall of Fame coaches Geno Auriemma and Pat Summitt drew national attention - except they haven't scheduled games against each other for years.

But the sport hasn't moved on, and the casual interest has.

''The women's tournament has continued to get great buzz, but the real challenge is how fast it can develop,'' said Robert Boland, who is the Professor and Academic Chair of the sports management program at NYU's Tisch Center. ''The men's tournament was being won through the '70s by UCLA, but it kept growing and growing and exploded with the Magic-Bird game. The historical parallel is sort of where the women's game is now. For the sport to sustain interest, it needs the players to move on and have compelling rivalries in the WNBA.

''For women's basketball, college is the pre-eminent level.''

And that hasn't been enough to grow the sport.

If this columnist is right, that no one cares about women's basketball, why do you think that is, readers?

What would it take to grow the sport? What do you think?

Monday, April 7, 2014

Beyond the title game.....

Coaching news:

Marlene Stollings is Minnesota's new coach

Maryland assistant Scott Spinelli is in "serious talks" with Boston College for the same job there.

Washington State has extended the contract of under-achieving coach June Daugherty through 2019.

More college news:

UTEP's run in the WNIT has raised the bar for the program.

Donnaizha Fountain will transfer from Georgia Tech to Temple.


Brittney Griner has written an autobiography.

Is coaching in Skylar Diggins' future?

The Lynx have signed center Waltiea Rolle.

Final Four:

I attended today's inaugural Women's Final Four Summit today. More later.

Muffet McGraw is WBCA/Russell Athletic coach of the year

Notre Dame coach Muffet McGraw has received the Pat Summitt Trophy as the WBCA/Russell Athletic coach of the year.

The awards list:

• NCAA Division II - Barbara Stevens, Bentley University
• NCAA Division III -- Marc Mitchell, Fairleigh Dickinson University (Florham)
• NAIA -- Russ Davis, Vanguard University
• Junior/Community College -- Trenia Tillis Jones, Tyler Junior College
• High School - Cathy Self Morgan, Duncanville High School

More WBCA awards today:

Iona College's Billi Godsey is the Division I rookie coach of the year.

UConn's Stefanie Dolson is the Division I defensive player of the year.

Colorado Christian University is the winner of the "Together We R" team award.

Odyssey Sims wins Wade Trophy

The 2014 Wade Trophy winner is Baylor point guard Odyssey Sims.

The stage is set

Muffet McGraw and Geno Auriemma trash talked today.

Some words from both sides.

That's good for the game.

Bad blood between the two programs runs deep.

Can the Irish keep up with Moriah Jefferson?

Will UConn expose the absence of Natalie Achonwa?

Kara Lawson and Rebecca Lobo's keys to tomorrow's game.

It's the first time in history, two undefeated teams will match up in the title game.

When the champion is crowned, it will mark the first time in NCAA history that the Division I, II and III title holders have been undefeated.

Tamika Catchings, Elena Delle Donne and LaChina Robinson advise Notre Dame and UConn on how to handle the pressure.

Let's go.

Oregon names Kelly Graves coach

Biggest "whoa" of the week: Oregon names Kelly Graves their new coach.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

'Twas the night before the Final Four!

NCAA Tournament news:

Lindsay Allen is playing the right role for the Irish.

Alyssa Thomas has been the driving force for the Terps.

Stanford is still chasing their third title.

Staying under control is key for UConn's Breanna Stewart.

More college news:

Notre Dame and UConn will play in the Jimmy V Classic in December.


Rutgers squeaked out a title win over UTEP, 56-54.

Muffet McGraw and Breanna Stewart are AP coach and player of the year

The AP has named Notre Dame's Muffet McGraw its coach of the year, and Connecticut's Breanna Stewart its player of the year.

I agree with McGraw. The Irish lost All-American point guard Skylar Diggins, but were undefeated this season.

Stewart is not the player of the year. She is not a standout for her team the way Chiney Ogwumike is for Stanford, or Odyssey Sims was for Baylor.

WBCA All-America team

WBCA 2014 All-American Division I Coaches Team:

Name Institution Year Pos. Height

Stefanie Dolson University of Connecticut Senior Center 6’5”
Bria Hartley University of Connecticut Senior Guard 5’8”
Jordan Hooper University of Nebraska Senior Guard 6’2”
Jewell Loyd University of Notre Dame Sophomore Guard 5’10”
Kayla McBride University of Notre Dame Senior Guard 5’11”
Tiffany Mitchell University of South Carolina Sophomore Guard 5’9”
Chiney Ogwumike Stanford University Senior Forward 6'3”
Odyssey Sims Baylor University Senior Guard 5’8”
Breanna Stewart University of Connecticut Sophomore Forward 6’4”
Alyssa Thomas University of Maryland Senior Forward 6’2”

Odyssey Sims wins Dawn Staley Award

Odyssey Sims has won the 2014 Dawn Staley Award.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Big news load

NCAA Tournament news:

A talented group of coaches lead the Final Four teams.

Congressional reps have made a friendly wager on Stanford-UConn.

Stanford is fighting a "bad" image.

Amber Orrange is the Cardinal's quiet leader.

Stanford has balance.

Natalie Achonwa is ready to lead Notre Dame from the bench.

The Irish's resiliency is being tested.

Notre Dame has a match up problem with Maryland.

After a grueling turning point, the Terps are ready for the Irish.

Alyssa Thomas continues to shatter records for Maryland, and no one can keep track.

Terp Lexie Brown's Final Four dream came true one year later.

UConn could either win or lose the title.

The Huskies don't take their trip to the Final Four for granted.

Bria Hartley and Moriah Jefferson have been a dynamic back court duo for UConn.

NCAA business news:

Remember......the future of the game will be discussed at a summit Monday at the Final Four.

All this talk of a college player's union stirs concern for female basketball players.

Coaching movement and changes:

Kentucky coach Matthew Mitchell has opted not to renew the contracts of assistant coaches Shalon Pillow and Jeff House.

Yolanda Moore is Southeastern Louisiana's new coach.

Missouri State has extended the coaching contract of Kellie Harper for five years.

Player movement:

At Temple, junior guard Rateska Brown will transfer, and said at least three other players will follow.

Shoni Schimmel wins the State Farm College three-point championship


Dallas, Texas - Louisville senior guard Shoni Schimmel won the State Farm College 3-Point Championship on Thursday in Moody Coliseum on Southern Methodist University's campus in Dallas. Schimmel defeated Tricia Liston of Duke to win the Buick Women's 3-Point Championship then defeated the men's champion Brady Heslip of Baylor to take the overall title.

Stefanie Dolson wins 2014 Senior CLASS Award

Connecticut's Stefanie Dolson has won the 2014 Senior CLASS Award.