Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Connecticut 65, Baylor 64

It was everything you could want in a game of its caliber, with the two top-ranked teams going at it - the stars, the surges, the butt-clenching finish. A rare treat so early in the season.

Interesting innuendos in this story:

Geno Auriemma covered his head with his hands when he went to meet Kim Mulkey at mid-court after the final buzzer.

Mulkey said she "learned she has a talented basketball team."

Auriemma said: "I think there's always something cool when you do something for the first time with a group of people. You know you don't have all the answers. For the last two years it's been let's do that. Now it's not going to be like that."


Graham Hays says the youngins are coming of age already.

After checking in on twitter for the night, I have one related question: is it OK to make fun of Mulkey's outfits?

Fans have long giggled at her antics during games, which include grabbing her head while screaming, stomping, beating the floor and pounding the score table. But Mulkey's colorful outfit (one of many) was being panned tonight - in fact straight-up clowned - by a number of UConn past and present players and WNBA stars.

The worst is probably Meghan Gardler, who posted:

Kim Mulkey has on a gold pleather jacket which looks like she stole from Willy Wonka

Noo #kimmulkey def thought she was going to a rave she brought her own disco ball (her pants)

I think ESPN should have a fashion segment and I should host it. It might encourage players/coaches to not look so heinous

Tasha Humphrey was only slightly nicer:

Kim Mulkey knows she can't dress.. So I think she dresses bad to stir up controversy bc she HONESTLY can't think she looks good.. Can she?

Kim Mulkey looks like she should guest star in the Adidas commercial w/ D. Rose, D. Howard and the asian dude from The Hangover!?

So what do you think? Is it all in good fun, or should one of the pioneers of the game get more respect?


Scamp said...

I feel sorry for people who can't enjoy Kim Mulkey's style. I eagerly anticipate each game's outfit. The snarking you quoted is pathetic. It's their loss.

Blogger Jodi Diperna put it well last March: "Baylor coach, Kim Mulkey, dresses like Tanya Tucker and struts and fist pumps and jumps around like Jerry Lee Lewis, so I can see where Mulkey might not be everybody’s cup of tea, but I must admit, I love it. I just get a kick out of a coach who is as much of a cheerleader as the teams most rabid fan — hell, I think she’d wear face paint if Baylor’s AD would let her." http://tinyurl.com/2w7ucnj

Anonymous said...

Oh I luv it too, whats the point if you don't have characters, but you also have to ba able to laugh and have fun and hopefully she can laugh at herself too :)

Life is too short to get your disco pants twisted!!

Scamp said...

She's unique...and she knows it!

From 2004: "I'm not the type of coach that can just sit there in a chair with my legs crossed," she said in her thick Louisiana twang. "That's just not me." ...

"I think God only made one like me," Mulkey ... said, "and that's probably a good thing."


Sue Favor said...

Mulkey is easy to make fun of. I've even raised my eyebrows at some of her on-court behavior. But I really love her passion - it's refreshing. This jaded world could use a lot more of that kind of emotion.

I remember the braided one leading the Lady Techsters to the first NCAA women's title in 1982; I remember that game well. Mulkey was a leader and a pioneer in the game. So she can wear any kind of pants she wants.