Monday, November 1, 2010

Tennessee news

Lady Vols have the experience to make a run at a ninth title.

The Vols are mighty healthy so far this year.

Media day quotes, and there are so many.

The Vols are blogging!

Angie Bjorklund already made this mistake once as a sophomore, but she's having to sit a game again for missing class, along with sophomore Kamiko Williams. Hopefully Williams is a quicker learner than Bjorklund.


Unknown said...

Go Lady Vols..forget will beat them in the NCAA's. I know you are the best.

Coach Wade

Unknown said...

Go Lady Vols...Forget GTWN...beat lamar.

Coach Wade in Maine

njhoward1 said...

I am a big lady vols fan. I know they will go all the way.I play ball at a 1a school in alabama & have a dream to play at tenn. I am 15 years old & 5'7 hope to have that chance.Even thou it will be hard since i come from a little school. GO VOL! COACH SUMMIT ROCKS!