Friday, November 19, 2010

Basketball night cap

Class of 2011 recruiting rankings:

1. Tennessee
2. Connecticut
4. Duke
5. Rutgers
6. Stanford
7. Cal
8. USC
9. Texas A&M
10. Texas
11. Iowa
12. Kentucky
13. Virginia
14. Northwestern
15. Arizona State

FIVE Pac-10 schools? Wow.

In Mechelle Voepel's chat, she discusses everything from Baylor-UConn to Samantha Prahalis to Ohio State.

Baylor was back to their winning ways tonight, beating Michigan State 78-52. Brittney Griner lead the way for the Bears with 29 points. One more block and she'll beat the school's career blocks a sophomore.

Old war horse Andy Landers got his 1000th game at Georgia tonight, as his Bulldogs beat Chattanooga.

And once again, ESPN's Mark Lewis hits a homerun with his advice to "embrace the high school game." Very well said. High school ball is so damn much fun to watch, too.


Rebecca said...

Not his 1000th win, his 1000th game at Georgia. Otherwise known as "headlines, do y'all know how to write them anymore?"

Sue Favor said...

Thanks Rebecca, and IM in OC for the heads up. I agree about the headlines, too - a lost art. You gotta make it clear so that, say, when someone comes in and they're trying to read something at 11 p.m. and they've been up since 5:45 a.m., that they can get what you're saying. :)