Thursday, November 18, 2010

Interesting stuff

Pro stuff: has a great piece on new Chicago Sky Coach Pokey Chatman.

Nancy Lieberman is going to coach the dudes.

The Chicago Sky has named Mount Assisi Academy its first high school team of the week. Now why doesn't every WNBA team do that??


Jody Conradt won the Joe Lapchick Character Award and she's not even coaching. That's something.

Kentucky likes Coach Matthew Mitchell: he just signed a new five-year contract.


Scamp said...

Cheryl Coward's article about Pokey Chatman is well worth reading ... but were tough questions not allowed? I have several.

Anonymous said...

i imagine there's a non-disclosure order surrounding the lsu settlement. so its highly doubtful the full story will ever come out (so to speak). :

sass can attest to this, i'm sure. that its not unusual for a reporter to be told ahead of time that certain subjects are 'off the table'. if you want the interview, you agree and don't go there; if you don't agree, then no interview.