Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hard luck times

Two seasons worth of injuries and then mono can't keep Ohio State's Amber Stokes down: she's back.

Glory Johnson talks about Tennessee's loss to Georgetown last night.

Stack Magazine discusses Candace Parker's return to regular practices, and includes her practice shooting sequence.

Non-hard luck bonus: Nationally-ranked Brea Olinda hosts their annual Ladycat Classic this week. The brackets are solid, and action begins tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I hope Brea didnt charge Trabucco Hills to play in this tournament. I would be willing to say they will be last of the 12 teams. Hope to make it out for the finals Saturday.

IM (soon to be) in OC

Anonymous said...

OC is correct, this was a travesty, no way should Brea have allowed that team to be in their tournament, and then they played them,some really bad judgement here, they beat up on them 104 to 20, it was 45 to 4 in the first 1/4 alone, a coach was fired last year for doing the same thing, just check their record from last year.