Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Recruiting trail and pre-season high school rankings

ESPN is at it again, thank goodness.

Number six Briyona Canty waited until the last day to choose Rutgers. What this means for the Scarlet Knights.

Ninth-ranked Morgan Jones will go with Northwestern.

They say all the talent we have in California will be challenged this year.

But "challenged" doesn't mean beat. Cali still has three schools in's top 10 list: 1-5 and 6-10.

Add another one when you factor in ESPN's regional rankings.

Powerade Fab 50.

And all this started yesterday with a story about Oregon high school baller/milk drinker Elizabeth Brenner.

Good stuff.


Anonymous said...

Well they got it wrong, we all now know in socal Poly should be #1 with MD down a little bit until they prove otherwise and Brea further than them. Etiwanda will make some noise this year too.

Anonymous said...

BTW check out the Mambas rankings etc, on the hoopgurlz message board he really does way more research than hoopgurlz, some of the stuff her has shows he has a lot of connections all over the US.

Sue Favor said...

I definitely agree with you about Etiwanda, Anon 1.

Anon 2, got link? I'd like to check that out.

Anonymous said...

Aw shucks you are asking me to be techie but here's how I found it - hoopgurlz web, click on message board, then joe C smith forum and click on mambas top teams, super sophs etc, anything mamba and you will enjoy.

He lists MD as # but knows about their loss and lists Poly hi as he will see after AZ TOC wat happens, gave them more credit than HG.