Sunday, April 11, 2010

Why do people ask these types of questions?

Sports fans are forever trying to get successful coaches of females to coach men's teams to "prove" themselves. As if it couldn't get more condescending, there is usually a call for extraordinary players to join men's leagues to show their worthiness.

Apparently there was a suggestion that Baylor freshman Brittney Griner could be drafted by the NBA (glad I missed that one). But some website took it seriously enough to look into it and interview USC Coach Michael Cooper and Boston Celtic Shelden Williams about it. They say it won't happen.

Honestly, even if BG got drafted, you couldn't get me to watch the NBA. When can we quit comparing women to men? It's stupid.

In Seattle, Alisa Scott (Sheryl Swoopes' wife) has resigned her post as Shoreline Community College coach. Wonder what she's going to do now?

Candice Dupree and Kayla Pederson have been added to USA Basketball's spring training roster.


Anonymous said...

Do you think maybe Swoopes & Scott are moving out of Seattle? Like maybe to Tulsa?

Hoopalonious, aka Sue said...

What would make you think that? Do you have an inside tip?

Anonymous said...

some people just won't give up hope that sheryl will get one last go round in the league so she can have a proper farewell tour.

checking out tulsa's current roster, and keeping in mind that tweety isn't going to play in the w this year, they really only have braxton, ford and pierson as the big money players,so they certainly have the cap space to sign sheryl.