Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lunch time news

Former Detroit Shock assistant coach Rick Mahorn is bankrupt.

Veteran Taj McWilliams has signed with the Liberty. She's sure been with a lot of teams in the WNBA.

The Oregon State University athletic director addresses concerns about the basketball program, in light of all the transfers this year.

Todd Buchanan will replace Joe Curl as University of Houston coach.

Two former UCLA Bruins are trying out for the Tulsa Shock - Tierra Henderson and Moniquee Alexander.


Anonymous said...

The Jennifer Azzi news is appalling. As a women who fought for equality, as did my mom, I find it a very sad day when a coach is hired purely on the basis of her sex. Azzi has no head coaching experience and has been out of the game for years. For her to have gotten the job over the far more qualified Mark Trakh is a joke.

And even still, were there NO qualified female candidates who applied? Or has this become another example of the "Old Girls' Club"?

I'm sorry, but this kind of gender bias is not what feminists like myself fought for and continue to fight for. And the saddest thing is that women will be the eventual losers: The administrator who hired her, Azzi and her players.

Will Azzi turn out to be a good hire? I'm skeptical, but perhaps. But even that won't take away the bad taste of the reason she was hired.

Anonymous said...

What about CSUN is Trakh up for that?

Anonymous said...

so rick mahorn's bankrupt...big effin' boo hoo.


Anonymous said... experienced women's coach? how about lavonda wagner from oregon state? i have a feeling she'll be looking for work in the very near future. OH, SNAP! LOL