Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday morning news

Bria Hartley, who is helping the U18 team blast opponents this week, has found a mentor in Coach Jen Rizzotti.

The Tulsa Shock canceled practice yesterday due to an outbreak of.....staph infections? Really odd.

Hoopfeed has highlighted the female nominees for ESPY awards.

Sparks owner Kathy Goodman saw some omens yesterday, leading up to the team's loss to the Mystics.

Cal Poly Pomona has narrowed its search for head coach to two candidates. It's strange to me that they chose to name them.

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Scamp said...

From the AP: "... Starting guard Shanna Crossley, who had been hospitalized with a staph infection in her leg, got a hug from coach Nolan Richardson after she got to the Tulsa locker room. She was not in uniform and missed her second straight game. ..."

IANAD, but shouldn't Shanna stay out of the Shock's locker room for now?