Friday, December 9, 2016

Mid-major surprise

One surprise in today's results:

Green Bay routed South Dakota, 67-43.

The teams had been ranked 1-2 in ESPN's bi-weekly mid-major poll.

More results:

#15 Kentucky 61, Middle Tennessee 48

Oregon 81, Portland 41

Michigan 92, San Diego State 57

Missouri 64, Wichita State 57

Eastern Michigan 75, St. Bonaventure 56

Nebraska 83, San Jose State 61

CSUN 89, Weber State 78

All scores.

Tomorrow's schedule features 63 games.

College team news:

Buffalo, at 8-0, has tied the record for best program start.

College player news:

Sydney Wiese says Oregon State is still searching for their team identity.

Teammate Taylor Kalmer is ready to make a big impact.

Miami's Jessica Thomas may be one of the best college players you've never heard of.

WNBA player news:

Candace Parker joined NBA star Kevin Garnett on his Area 21 show yesterday.


Paul C said...

Perhaps this is a trivial point, but exactly how is it a surprise that Green Bay beat South Dakota State? To the extent that polls determine such a thing, GB was ahead of SDSU in Graham Hays' mid-major ranking as well as on voting for both polls.

Sue Favor said...

The win wasn't the surprise - it was the fact that it was a rout. The implication is that teams ranked 1 and 2 are closer in skill.

Paul C said...

Ah, gotcha. Plus the fact that the home team was the one routed.

Sue Favor said...

Exactly. South Dakota State doesn't lose at home very often.

Paul C said...

This Green Bay team is for real. Playing Notre Dame to a 4-point game in Purcell was no fluke.