Sunday, November 20, 2016

Some surprising results on day 10


Penn State took down #13 Tennessee, 70-56.

#10 Mississippi State toppled #8 Texas, 79-68. It's the second loss in a week for the Longhorns.

New-look Vanderbilt edged Duke, 77-73.

Eight Kansas players and two Memphis players were ejected when a fight ensued in the second quarter. Jayhawks got their first win, 68-58.

Georgia Tech 52, Georgia 45

Minnesota 90, Seton Hall 57

Wake Forest 89, Eastern Michigan 61

Oklahoma State 79, Washington State 72 (OT)

South Dakota State 66, Iowa 64

Virginia 62, Rutgers 54. The Cavs are unbeaten and the Scarlet Knights have yet to win.

San Francisco 73, Long Beach State 71

More results:

#1 Notre Dame 71, #17 Washington 60

#2 Baylor 101, Mississippi Valley 36

#3 Connecticut 76, LSU 53

#4 South Carolina 92, Hampton 38...the "twin towers" dominated for the Gamecocks

#5 Louisville 92, Lafayette 48

#6 Maryland 96, Niagara 64

#9 UCLA 80, Cal Poly 64

#11 Stanford 88, CSUN 54

All scores.

College team news:

Oregon is playing six games in 10 days.

Offensive efficiency and bench depth are key so far for George Washington.

College player news:

Virginia center Debra Ferguson has left the team.

Recruiting news:

The making of Tennessee's #1 draft class.

Wisconsin coach Jonathan Tsipis finds the inability to land any recruits in the first signing period frustrating.


Scamp said...

Mississippi State certainly did topple over-ranked Texas. And the Longhorns do look like they need to spend more time in the weight room. Nonetheless, the Dispatch's headline troubles me: "Bulldogs win by punching first." That was a basketball game, not a fight.

Sue Favor said...

I don't worry about verb use to describe winning - all of us who write headlines are always searching for something fresh. I worry about misspellings and grammar errors. Last night the Wyoming paper had in a headline that the team had "beat Fullterton." Freakin yikes.