Wednesday, April 27, 2016

USA Basketball names Olympic Team

My write up.

Hey, there's always Olympic track and field to watch.


Ray Furman said...

I am not going to knock the Stewart selection...we have to face the reality that she is great for marketing and great for the future. I guess the only 2 spots that I would have moved Candace into are Charles and McCoughtry. I think that I would have taken Candace over either of these...probably would have kept McCoughtry and passed on Charles...I love Tina, but Candace's all around game including point-forward skills trumps Tina's inside game...IMHO

Sue Favor said...

I don't see Stewart's appointment as necessarily "great for marketing." Not everyone appreciates how she's being shoved down our throats.

McCoughtry or Charles should have been cut way before Parker.

Ray Furman said...

Point taken. It is over the top. They want to ride that "Stewie is the heir apparent" horse until they can't think of any more amazing things to say about her. I think that they think she will bring in young female fans and maybe she will...But they are not thinking about the purests who've been supporting women's basketball for decades and what might appeal to them.

Perhaps, leave off both McCoughtry and Charles and bring on a young PG in addition to Parker...then maybe we could have lived with that direction more comfortably!

Thanks as always for keeping me informed!