Monday, July 11, 2011

Sparks now have a unique marketing opportunity

Twenty-four hours after the Sparks announced they were dumping Jennifer Gillom for Joe Bryant, fan reaction has been varied. Some say it was a hasty decision. Others say it should have been done long ago. A couple said General Manager Penny Toler should have been fired instead. Some say Bryant is the perfect replacement. Others say he doesn't know what he's doing.

In other words, typical scenario in these situations: make up your own mind.

One thing I do know for sure, is that the Sparks now have a golden marketing opportunity. Their new coach is the father of one of the NBA's best players. If Kobe Bryant doesn't start coming to some games and otherwise publicly touting the WNBA, I'm going to think that the league doesn't really want to increase the fan base like they say they do.

Thousands of people walk around wearing Kobe Bryant shirts or jerseys. All he would have to do is say, "check out a game," and most of them would do it; they'd do whatever he said because they really look up to him.

C'mon, Kobe - let's see you out there. Support your dad and the Sparks.


Scamp said...

Sorry, Sue.

Count me out on having Kobe Bryant endorse anything to do with women.

Random Entertainment said...

Wow judged all over again. Anyway, I'm not sure if KOBE would be ALLOWED because of the lockout? I know that the nba has affiliations with the WNBA, SO NOT SURE. AND ANYTHING TO DO WITH BASKETBALL I WOULD HAVE THE #1 PLAYER IN THE WORLD ENDORSING IT. smh

Anonymous said...

Kobe came to a few games, with his wife and kids (they were babies) the last his Pops was the head coach. And I do think it would be a good marketing strategy.

Te: SCAMPS opinion, Based on Kobe's history, I agree on some levels. However, there are loads of women sporting Kobe jerseys all the time, many at Sparks games. If he supported the league, it would bring in more people. Having said that, who know if that would be a conflict of interest with the wholce lockout thing.

Sue Favor said...

Gail, you get it.

Don't confuse my statement with me endorsing Kobe Bryant. I can't stand him. But the Sparks could sure use his support. It's all about the Benjamins, baby.