Thursday, July 14, 2011

NCAA reprimands Mulkey, Walz for comments, actions during tournament

The NCAA has reprimanded Baylor Coach Kim Mulkey and Louisville Coach Jeff Walz for their comments and behavior during the 2011 national tournament.

The Division I Women's Basketball Committee took issue with Mulkey's criticism of the bracketing process. Walz, they said, used abusive language toward officials during a game, and kicked a table.

“The committee was very disappointed in the behavior of both coaches and strongly believes their actions discredited them and tarnished the championship,” said Marilyn McNeil, chair of the Division I Women’s Basketball Committee and vice president and director of athletics at Monmouth University.



Anonymous said...

That won't shut Mulkey up!

Anonymous said...

i was at the game in spokane when jeff lost it. quite the show. :)


Sue Favor said...

Ah yes, I remember now that you were there, scully. I saw it on TV and it seemed to me like Gonzaga beat them fair and square ;-)

Scamp said...

I remember Jeff Walz's televised temper tantrum. To equate that to Kim Mulkey's criticism of the bracketing process is ridiculous. Take a look at what she actually said (see link). In no way does it discredit her or tarnish the championship! Kim actually expressed sympathy for all the agendas the committee has to fulfill.