Monday, June 12, 2017

The night before a big rematch

WNBA team news:

The Sparks are looking to avenge Friday's loss to the Wings.

The Wings honored Nancy Lieberman yesterday.

WNBA player news:

Diana Taurasi isn't getting the respect she deserves, one Arizona publication says.

Sylvia Fowles and Tina Charles are the league's Western and Eastern Conference players of the week. Charles has been named player of the week 23 times, surpassing Tamika Catchings' 22.

Tomorrow's game schedule:

Dream at Storm

Wings at Sparks

My Mock Win Monday for the week

College player news:

Ohio State's Kianna Holland will medically retire from basketball.

Former Marquette center Meghan Mandel has transferred to Loyola Marymount.

Troy has added Louisiana Tech transfer Jasmine LeBlanc.

College coach news:

Former Tennessee coach Margaret Hutson, who preceded Pat Summitt, has passed away.

Ganiyat Adeduntan is a new assistant coach at George Washington.

USA Basketball news:

Sue Bird and Diana Taurasi are open to playing in the next Olympics. But should they? Give the younger players a chance.

The U16 team's average margin of victory was 53.8 points en route to their gold medal.

Aliyah Boston was the tournament MVP.

High school news:

A California player had 34 rebounds in a showcase this weekend.


The Hall of Fame induction ceremony included tributes to Pat Summitt.

1 comment:

WfanfrJump said...

Re: DT, Bird and USAB

I appreciate everything they have done and given to the sport. They are awesome players and great ambassadors of the game and no disrespect, but Bird and Taurasi need to go somewhere. I’ve been absolutely livid with what USAB has done the past few Olympics. I won’t mention the obvious, glaring mess…. Yes, we won gold (and we would’ve won regardless….) but the team has done absolutely nothing to integrate the next generation of floor generals. When Bird and Taurasi were youngins, they were passed a torch and handed a mantle that they’ve carried well and with pride. They were groomed and prepared for the stage and had the opportunity to PLAY ALONGSIDE the Staleys, the Weatherspoons, etc. Why not give that same opportunity to the next wave of guards? I’m not saying that their playing days are over but we need to value the legacy of USAB over the legacy of individual players.

Some have said that there are no guards that are better than them at this point. Here are a few truths: (1) game stats do not support that statement and (2) one key and undeniable thing they have over other players is experience. Who is to say that with similar preparation that Sloot, Sims, Gray, D. Rob, Toliver, Diggins, Jefferson, January, etc could not develop into world class guards? Oops Sloot and Toliver are not in the running because they took the opportunity to play for Hungary and Slovakia, possibly thinking they would never get the chance to play for the USA squad, yet still wanting to (and having the skill to) play on an Olympic squad (ala Becky Hammon).

If USAB continues to be myopic and shortsighted in their approach, we will continue to lose quality players who have the skill but are not provided the opportunity. Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing DT, Birdy and Whay play and personally, it will be a very sad day when they retire (Please have a heart and don’t do it all at once…lol!) but all are over 35 and cannot play forever. I won’t be surprised to see them at the World Championships but beyond that USAB needs to make some tough choices for the future of the program.