Friday, October 21, 2016

More on the Finals

Post finals:

Candace Parker's resume is complete with the title. She is at long last, a WNBA champion.

Sparks coach Brian Agler started last night's press conference by playing "Rocky Top" for Parker.

Nneka Ogwumike got the rebound of her life last night.

Chelsea Gray was the unsung heroine of Game 5.

Minnesota sold out the Target Center and broke a WNBA Finals record with 19,423 in attendance.

The missed call:

"Sore loser or league president someday": Cheryl Reeve's comments on the officiating have stirred strong reaction.

Minnesotans have long been strong on blaming defeat on officials.

....took away from the ambiance at Target Center.


Gail R said...

The tragedy here is that Cheryl's comments were a long time coming and a long time being heard by the management of the WNBA. Ill timed perhaps, cause it does make her seem like a poor sport, But everything she said was true. Would the correct call have changed the outcome? No one can say. Would the out come had been different if the eight second call been made in LA? Perhaps there would have never been a game 5..... And the officiating would just continue as is. Did one missed call (in games where there were a lot of crap calls) completely impact the outcome of either game..... From an emotional perspective I'd say ya, but trying to. Eobjective I'd say that both winners did what they they needed to do in their respective wins, to be victorious. And unfortunately, for both teams, their hustle, intensity and desire will be overshadowed by the missed calls. The game 4 faux paid may have been easier to overlook, cause there was another game. Game 5s boffed call will linger. And LA (for some) will never be the "real" champion because of it.

For me, I'm proud to be Sparks fan and thrilled with the championship. The team played their hearts out and left it all on the court. For Maya and her crew, I have nothing but respect, they are an amazing team (tho I've never been a fan of their coach). I have no doubt a rematch could be in store....

Now bring on the college season.

Sue Favor said...

I consider the Sparks the winners, hands down and no question about it. Hope to see you at the celebration Monday, Gail.